• Net Zero by 2050 is dead in the water. So what’s plan B?

    • Date: 27/07/21
    • Fraser Myers, The Daily Telegraph

    The truth is, the sacrifices being demanded of us in the name of Net Zero are incompatible with democracy. And the PM knows it. Boris Johnson has always tried to take a ‘cakeist’ position on Net Zero. We can drastically cut carbon emissions while boosting living standards, he claims. But the truth is, the sacrifices […]

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  • Peter Ridd: Record coral cover of Great Barrier Reef shames climate alarmists

    • Date: 23/07/21
    • Peter Ridd, The Australian

    The annual data on coral cover for the Great Barrier Reef, produced by the Australian Institute of Marine Science, was released on Monday showing the amount of coral on the reef is at record high levels. Record high, despite all the doom stories by our reef science and management institutions. Like all other data on […]

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  • Four flaws with the EU’s new climate plans

    • Date: 21/07/21
    • Pieter Cleppe, RealClear Energy

    New EU climate plans risk doing further social and economic damage to the bloc Last week, the European Commission presented its so-called Fit for 55 proposals, a raft of legislative initiatives intended to adapt EU law to the 2030 target of reducing CO2 emissions by 55 percent from 1990 levels. The idea is to adapt legislation originally intended to achieve a 40% reduction. […]

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  • WSJ: The climate agenda goes out with a bang 

    • Date: 20/07/21
    • Joseph Sternberg, The Wall Street Journal

    As the costs of climate policies climb toward the stratosphere, one can speculate anew on how long it will be until gravity reasserts itself. We’re supposed to view this week as a banner occasion in the annals of climate change. The European Union unveiled a mammoth new plan to control carbon emissions, while Beijing rolled […]

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  • Susan Shelley: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ironic climate warning

    • Date: 12/07/21
    • Susan Shelley, Orange County Register

    Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said recently that people have “tuned out” the climate change activism movement because it is “stuck in despair and confusion.” The activists are “wearing the public out” with their apocalyptic warnings of an “existential threat” to life on earth, Schwarzenegger warned in a speech at a climate summit he co-hosted […]

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  • Charles Moore: Why are we expected to abandon gas boilers when the expensive alternative won’t reduce emissions?

    • Date: 10/07/21
    • Charles More, The Daily Telegraph

    People are beginning to wonder what life will be like if they are forced to pay more for a technology which will make them colder. Rationality in human affairs is hard to come by, but we love it when we find it. When it comes to spending money, a well-functioning market is the best provider […]

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  • Biden’s obsession with climate change actually endangers the US

    • Date: 04/07/21
    • Augustus Howard, New York Post

    Whatever the scale of man-made climate change, and whatever problems it may pose, the belief that it represents America’s greatest threat is already creating undesirable effects. In the wake of President Biden’s recent overseas trip — which included a G-7 meeting in the UK and a “summit” with Vladimir Putin in Geneva — one may […]

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  • Peter Ridd: Great Barrier Reef groups score a spectacular own goal

    • Date: 03/07/21
    • Peter Ridd, The Australian

    The false stories about the Great Barrier Reef will continue to cause trouble for Australia, reputationally and financially. The solution is to make our science and management organisations reliable again. The recent furore over China influencing UNESCO to declare the Great Barrier Reef as endangered, has ignored the real culprits – Australian reef science and […]

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