• Joe Biden outmanoeuvre as China claims climate leadership, joining forces with EU

    • Date: 16/04/21
    • Financial Times

    Beijing officials promote European climate alliance to counter rival Biden event Xi Jinping, China’s president, touted his climate change commitments in a call with the leaders of France and Germany on Friday, as Beijing vies with Washington to be seen as a leader in global climate negotiations. Xi told Emmanuel Macron, France’s president, and Angela […]

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  • China, India & Brazil reluctant to cave in to US pressure on new climate targets

    • Date: 14/04/21
    • The New York Times

    The administration is closing in on deals with some close allies, but agreements with powers like China, Brazil and India are proving difficult. WASHINGTON — The Biden administration is nearing agreements with Japan, Korea and Canada to bolster carbon emission reduction targets in all four countries ahead of a closely watched summit of global leaders […]

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  • Australia likely to join the Net Zero charade

    • Date: 13/04/21
    • The Australian

    ‘Some Liberal MPs say it is politically important the government looks as though it is taking climate change seriously.’ Scott Morrison’s department has created a senior position to co-­ordinate the government’s climate strategy and provide advice about emissions reductions, raising expectations within Coalition ranks that the Prime Minister will endorse a target of net-zero by […]

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  • From Europe to Alaska, parts of the world are exceptionally cold right now

    • Date: 11/04/21
    • The Washington Post

    Frigid air, spilling south from the Arctic, has invaded Europe and Alaska, setting back spring and challenging long-standing records. In Europe, the cold has come as a shock, gripping the region just days after a burst of summerlike warmth. Some areas that experienced their warmest March weather on record last week are now enduring the […]

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  • COP26 poker: BASIC nations demand annual $100 billion fund from developed world

    • Date: 10/04/21
    • Business Standard

    BASIC countries or bloc of four newly industrialised nations – Brazil, South Africa, India and China in a joint session on climate change asked the developed economies to provide climate finance to developing nations. The 30th session of the ministerial committee was held on Thursday. The committee was chaired by Prakash Javadekar, Union minister of […]

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  • US Republicans plan legislation to counter Biden’s climate summit and Paris Agreement reentrance

    • Date: 09/04/21
    • The Washington Examniner

    House Republicans plan to unveil legislation in the coming weeks designed to set parameters for President Joe Biden’s reengagement in the Paris climate agreement he just rejoined. The bill will be part of a package of climate legislation House Republicans aim to roll out to counter a virtual climate summit event the Biden administration is hosting […]

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  • China reveals co-operation with European Union on green finance

    • Date: 07/04/21
    • Financial Times

    China’s central bank has revealed that it is co-operating with the European Union to converge green investment taxonomies across the two markets, aiming to implement a jointly recognised classification system for the environmental credentials for businesses by the end of this year. Yi Gang, the governor of the People’s Bank of China, said at the China Development Forum […]

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  • Biden’s Green Deal faces backlash from US states

    • Date: 04/04/21
    • Financial Times

    Republican-led state capitols are considering bills that would punch holes in President Joe Biden’s green revamp of the US electricity system by promoting fossil fuels or piling costs on to renewable energy. The proposed legislation reverses a dynamic that played out over the past four years, when lawmakers in states controlled by Democrats moved to […]

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