• Scott Pruitt Departs EPA After Scandals – And Fulfilling Republican Goals

    • Date: 06/07/18
    • The Washington Times

    Scott Pruitt resigned Thursday as head of the Environmental Protection Agency, ending a rocky 15-month tenure after fulfilling a number of top conservative goals while battling myriad scandals over his personal behavior in office. President Trump announced on Twitter that he had accepted the resignation and praised Mr. Pruitt’s work. He said Deputy Administrator Andrew […]

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  • UN Climate Fund Chief Resigns As Board Meeting Ends In Utter Failure

    • Date: 05/07/18
    • Reuters

    The Green Climate Fund (GCF) meant to channel billions of dollars to poor nations said it had had a “very difficult and disappointing” meeting ending on Wednesday, in a new setback after US President Donald Trump pulled out US support last year. Australian climate finance expert Howard Bamsey announced he was stepping down as executive director of the GCF at the end of […]

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  • It’s Roll-Back Time: Ontario Scraps $2 Billion Carbon Tax & Axes Green Subsidies

    • Date: 04/07/18
    • Toronto Sun

    Ontario Premier Doug Ford on Tuesday cancelled what amounts to a $2 billion a year tax on Ontarians by scrapping all of the government subsidy programs funded by former premier Kathleen Wynne’s cap-and-trade scheme. Cap and trade, a carbon tax by another name, raises prices on goods and services rather than the taxes on them. […]

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  • Tony Abbott Calls For Australia To Pull Out Of Paris Climate Deal

    • Date: 03/07/18
    • The Australian

    The Nationals are demanding the construction of “a minimum of three” baseload power stations as the price of their support for Malcolm Turnbull’s national energy guarantee, as Tony Abbott last night called on the government to abandon the Paris climate agreement. Delivering a lecture to the Australian Environment Foundation — a climate sceptic think tank […]

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  • Think Coal Is Dead? It Could Be About To Soar

    • Date: 30/06/18
    • Daily Mail

    Although it may not be the most fashionable of assets, analysts are warming to coal. Ironically, lobbying by anti-fossil fuel activists to prevent new mines being built may have inadvertently helped to support coal prices. Increasing worries about climate change and the desire for major institutions to be seen as responsible have prompted insurance giants such […]

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  • Stranded Assets Boom: Fossil Fuels Topple Tech As Top Sector

    • Date: 29/06/18
    • The Wall Street Journal

    Energy stocks have rallied 12%—and are poised for the biggest quarterly gain since 2011 Given the highs in oil prices, analysts expect a strong earnings season from energy companies. PHOTO: JAMES DURBIN FOR THE WALL STREET JOURNAL Energy stocks are on pace to be the best-performing group in the S&P 500 this quarter after oil prices broke through $70 […]

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  • U.S. Judge Throws Out Climate Change Lawsuits Against Big Oil

    • Date: 26/06/18
    • Associated Press

    San Francisco (AP) — A U.S. judge who held a hearing about climate change that received widespread attention ruled Monday that Congress and the president were best suited to address the contribution of fossil fuels to global warming, throwing out lawsuits that sought to hold big oil companies liable for the Earth’s changing environment. Noting […]

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  • Electric Teslas No Greener Than Petrol And Diesel Cars

    • Date: 25/06/18
    • Daily Mail

    They are marketed as being among the world’s most environmentally friendly vehicles. But Teslas may be as bad for the planet as their petrol and diesel equivalents, it was claimed yesterday. Analysts found the amount of greenhouse gas used in building a Tesla and generating the electricity to charge it was no different to petrol cars. […]

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