• New EPA Chief Calls Paris Climate Accord A ‘Bad Deal’

    • Date: 26/03/17
    • Rebecca Savrasky, The Hill

    Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt on Sunday blasted the Paris climate agreement, calling it a “bad deal.” “You know, what was wrong with Paris was not just that it was, you know, failed to be treated as a treaty, but China and India, the largest producers of CO2 internationally, got away scot-free,” he said […]

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  • Earth Day Predictions That Were All Wrong

    • Date: 25/03/17
    • Andrew Follett, The Daily Caller

    From predicting the end of civilization to classic worries about peak oil, here are seven environmentalist predictions that were just flat out wrong. Environmentalists truly believed and predicted that the planet was doomed during the first Earth Day in 1970, unless drastic actions were taken to save it. Humanity never quite got around to that […]

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  • Trump Approves Keystone Pipeline

    • Date: 24/03/17
    • Timothy Cama, The Hill

    The Trump administration gave the Keystone XL pipeline its key federal permit Friday, clearing a major hurdle for the project that former President Obama rejected in 2015. The State Department announced Friday morning that its undersecretary for political affairs, Tom Shannon, issued the permit, two months after President Trump signed a memorandum to revive the […]

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  • Leaked Paper Exposes EU Countries’ Abuse Of Climate Loophole

    • Date: 24/03/17
    • EurActive

    European Union countries exploited loopholes in United Nations forestry rules to pocket carbon credits worth €600 million and the equivalent of global-warming emissions from 114 million cars. European Commission analysis, obtained by EURACTIV.com, exposed how by overstating their logging targets, governments scooped up carbon credits. These can be used to offset emissions from polluting sectors […]

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  • Cheap Energy & New Technology: China Sees a Manufacturing Future — In America

    • Date: 23/03/17
    • Andrew Browne, The Wall Street Journal

    DONGGUAN, China—Glen Lin is struggling to keep his shoe company competitive on the world’s factory floor in southern China. Wages are shooting up 15% each year. Taxes are high. Shipping is exorbitant, and slow. So, as fast as he can he’s automating production, while planning an escape to his largest market—the U.S. The vice general manager […]

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  • Trump Is ‘Not Considering’ A Carbon Tax

    • Date: 22/03/17
    • Michael Bastasch, The Daily Caller

    The White House is not considering a tax on carbon dioxide to fight global warming, according to an administration official. “The Trump Administration is not considering a carbon tax,” the official told Axios shortly after Press Secretary Sean Spicer gave an ambiguous answer on the subject when asked by reporters at Tuesday’s press briefing. “Part of the […]

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  • Saudi Arabia’s Oil Supremacy Falters

    • Date: 21/03/17
    • The Wall Street Journal

    The world’s biggest crude exporter is rejiggering its long-held strategy of clinging to market share Saudi Arabia is losing its grip on big oil markets it once dominated amid a deep production cut that has reshaped global petroleum trade routes and benefited rivals like Iran, Russia and the U.S. To stomach a steep production cut aimed […]

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  • These Hydro Power Plants Survived WWII Bombs But Maybe Not Merkel

    • Date: 20/03/17
    • Bloomberg

    After surviving wartime bombing and Soviet-era seizures, some power plants in central Europe are facing extinction because of flat prices, newer technologies and red tape in Berlin. The facilities at risk used to make money buying cheap power at night to pump water up mountains, then releasing it downhill to turn generators during the day, […]

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