• EU to exempt private jets and ‘pleasure flights’ from climate tax on jet fuel

    • Date: 07/07/21
    • Argus Media

    The European Commission has proposed exempting private jets and cargo flights from the planned EU jet fuel tax. A draft indicates that the tax would be phased-in for passenger flights, including ones that carry cargo. The draft, which the commission will on 14 July present with its proposed revisions to the bloc’s 2003 energy-taxation directive, […]

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  • Carbon border tax: Europe’s climate fortress endangers Germany’s strength

    • Date: 05/07/21
    • Die Welt

    The EU wants to impose a carbon border tax on Europe’s borders and thus protect domestic producers from dirtier (sic) producers from abroad. Experts warn of a loophole that could hit German exporters seriously. Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier met two Vice-Presidents of the European Commission when he visited Brussels on Friday: Margrethe Vestager, […]

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  • Europe faces global scepticism about its carbon border tax

    • Date: 05/07/21
    • Reuters

    The European Union faces an uphill battle to convince trading partners that the world’s first levy on carbon imports is fair, workable and a necessary part of the bloc’s attempted green revolution as opposed to a protectionist tool. The EU is due on July 14 to unveil a package of legislation to cut net greenhouse […]

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  • Planned EU carbon market reform is ‘politically suicidal’, warns French MEP

    • Date: 30/06/21
    • EurActiv

    Plans to extend the EU’s carbon market to transport and buildings would be “politically suicidal” and risk triggering social unrest similar to the 2018 Yellow Vests movement in France, warned French MEP Pascal Canfin last week.  “Do not make the mistake of extending the carbon market to heating and fuel. We experienced it in France, […]

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  • No Climate, No Deal: US Democrats go to war over climate trillions after radical left threatens to derail Biden deal

    • Date: 29/06/21
    • Daily Mail

    Democrats are going to war over infrastructure with liberal senators threatening not to support President Joe Biden’s compromise bill without a second $6 trillion measure that contains their wish list items, such as free child care and green projects. The latest derailment comes after Biden had to walk back a comment he made on Friday […]

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  • Climate wars: Secret China plot to declare the Great Barrier Reef as ecologically ‘in danger’

    • Date: 22/06/21
    • The Australian

    Australia has been blindsided by a push by a China-chaired UN committee to declare the Great Barrier Reef “in danger” without proper consultation or scientific process. Australian government officials learned of the draft World Heritage Committee decision on Friday, despite an assurance just weeks ago from the Paris-based World Heritage Centre that the reef’s health […]

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  • COP26 heading for the rocks?

    • Date: 18/06/21
    • GWPF & Financial Times

    As the geopolitical risks and astronomical costs of the West’s unilateral Net Zero agenda become ever more evident the planned UN climate summit later this year (COP26) seems to be heading for the rocks. Unsurprisingly, the reluctance of Western governments to deliver its pledge of an annual $100 billion transfer fund to more than 100 developing countries is threatening to […]

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  • Federal judge overturns oil leasing freeze in blow to Biden

    • Date: 16/06/21
    • E&E News

    A federal judge ordered new oil and gas leasing to restart in public lands and waters yesterday, reversing the Biden administration’s controversial pause on the sale of drilling rights. Judge Terry Doughty’s decision allows leasing to resume nationwide, dealing an early loss to President Biden’s push to tackle climate change. The ruling out of the U.S. District […]

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