• Nuclear Power And Hydrogen Four Times Cheaper Than Renewables, New Report Claims

    • Date: 13/09/20
    • The Sunday Times

    Using nuclear power to generate hydrogen could help limit global warming and clean up heavy industries, a report has claimed. Hydrogen is rapidly turning into the holy grail for environmentalists and big oil companies alike, because the only by-product of its combustion is water. The government is committed to the UK achieving net zero carbon […]

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  • Merkel Scrapping Nord Stream Would Unravel German Gas Strategy

    • Date: 12/09/20
    • Bloomberg

    As Angela Merkel weighs up the arguments for scrapping a Russian pipeline project, a cornerstone of the German chancellor’s carefully crafted energy strategy is at stake. Merkel is coming under increasing pressure to ditch the Nord Stream 2 pipeline after the poisoning of Russian opposition politician Alexey Navalny. Members of her own party have questioned […]

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  • Nuclear Tug Of War: Will Eastern Europe Go Chinese?

    • Date: 09/09/20
    • Foreign Policy

    Competition among China, Russia, and the West is taking the form of a battle to build reactors in Eastern Europe. When U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo landed in Prague in mid-August, the first stop on a tour of U.S. allies in Central and Eastern Europe, he had two things on his mind: China and […]

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  • Blackout Warnings As Row Over Energy Costs Escalates

    • Date: 08/09/20
    • iNews

    New rules to restrict spending by network operators risk plunging the UK grid into blackout chaos, National Grid has warned. Tensions between energy regulator Ofgem and the public companies that run the UK’s electricity grid have reached fever pitch in recent weeks, following the release in July of Ofgem proposals to slash returns energy firms like National […]

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  • US Gives First-Ever OK For Small Commercial Nuclear Reactor

    • Date: 04/09/20
    • Associated Press

    U.S. officials have for the first time approved a design for a small commercial nuclear reactor, and a Utah energy cooperative wants to build 12 of them in Idaho. The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission on Friday approved Portland-based NuScale Power’s application for the small modular reactor that Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems plans to build […]

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  • BBC News: 90% Of Energy Companies Prioritise Fossil Fuels Over Renewables

    • Date: 01/09/20
    • BBC News

    New research suggests that power companies are dragging their feet when it comes to embracing green energy sources such as wind and solar. Only one in 10 energy suppliers globally has prioritised renewables over fossil fuels, the study finds. Even those that are spending on greener energy are continuing to invest in carbon heavy coal […]

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  • Solar Energy Projects Face Extinction As Subsidies Run Out

    • Date: 29/08/20
    • Check 24 Nachrichten

    From 1 January 2021, thousands of private solar energy projects in Germany are threatened with extinction. The reason is that the subsidies set for 20 years run out at the end of this year. If these solar projects go offline, it would be a step backwards for Germany’s green energy transition. From 2021, many solar […]

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  • Coal’s Share Of Global Energy Supply Has Been Increasing For 50 Years, IEA Reports

    • Date: 28/08/20
    • OilPrice.com

    The share of coal in the world’s total energy supply has continued to rise steadily in the last 50 years, according to the IEA’s 2020 World Energy Statistics report. The share of coal of total energy supply increased between 1973 and 2018, while the share of oil shrunk by nearly 15 percentage points, as the […]

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