• Game Over: Even If OPEC Wins It Loses

    • Date: 29/05/17
    • Joe Chidley, Financial Post

    OPEC looks like it’s playing to neither win nor lose. The game is over. It surprised no one, but disappointed many. Last week, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) agreed to extend the production limits it brought in last November for another nine months; the largest non-OPEC producer, Russia, also signed on for the […]

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  • Are White House Officials Planning To Kill Coal?

    • Date: 27/05/17
    • CNN Money

    President Trump has painted himself as the savior of America’s coal industry and the countless miners who have been crushed by its demise. The comments by his chief economic adviser, however, sound like they were written by President Obama’s speechwriters, not Trump’s.   “For those miners, get ready because you’re going to be working your […]

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  • China On Verge Of Mass Production Of New Nuclear Reactors

    • Date: 26/05/17
    • Nasdaq

    Government-run China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) is ready to put its new third-generation reactor known as the Hualong One into “bulk construction”, the company’s vice-president Yu Peigen said on Wednesday. The dome for the fifth reactor at Fuqing is lifted on Thursday morning. /CNNC Photo Speaking at a briefing to mark the installation of the […]

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  • European Nations Set To Wipe Out Forests To Cheat On CO2 Emissions

    • Date: 23/05/17
    • Fred Pearce, New Scientist

    It looks like greenwash.  European nations publicly keen to boost their climate credentials by switching to “green” biomass are accused of working behind the scenes to expunge their carbon emissions from burning wood in power stations from national emissions statistics. “If we don’t measure emissions when trees are cut, we won’t measure them at all,” says […]

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  • Trump’s Climate Challenge: Between Energy Superpower And Green Shackles

    • Date: 22/05/17
    • Association for Geoconservation, Hong Kong

    Presentation by Dr Benny Peiser, Climate Change Forum — Hong Kong, 27 May 2017 Association for Geoconservation, Duke of Windsor Social Service Building, Wanchai, Hong Kong Island 2pm  During his election campaign, Donald Trump pledged to roll back President Obama’s climate and energy policies. He promised to withdraw the US from the Paris climate agreement and […]

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  • OPEC Keeps Focus on Shale Threat as Officials Meet in Vienna

    • Date: 20/05/17
    • Bloomberg

    OPEC officials gathering in Vienna on Friday to prepare for next week’s ministerial meeting kept their focus on rising U.S. shale oil production, which has been diluting the price impact of their production cuts. National representatives from the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and officials from several non-members heard a presentation on the outlook for […]

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  • Shale Isn’t OPEC’s Only Problem

    • Date: 20/05/17
    • The American Interest

    A wave of new petroleum production from countries like Canada and Brazil is adding a new problem for OPEC nations who until now had been primarily preoccupied with U.S. output. When OPEC meets in Vienna next week to discuss an extension of the production cut agreement it brokered with eleven other non-cartel petrostates, America’s shale producers […]

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  • Coal To Remain India’s Main Energy For the Next 30 Years

    • Date: 16/05/17
    • Times of India

    NEW DELHI: Coal will remain India’s main energy source for the next three decades although its share will gradually fall as the country pushes renewable power generation, according to a government report seen by Reuters. The country is the world’s third-largest coal producer and the third-biggest greenhouse gas emitter. It depends on coal for about […]

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