• US & China agree to ‘cooperate’ on climate

    • Date: 18/04/21
    • Associated Press

    While Kerry was still in Shanghai, Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Le Yucheng signaled that China is unlikely to make any new pledges at next week’s summit. The United States and China, the world’s two biggest carbon polluters, agreed to cooperate to curb climate change with urgency, just days before President Joe Biden hosts a virtual […]

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  • China pledged to cut emissions, then went on a coal spree

    • Date: 16/04/21
    • GreenBiz

    Chinese officials realize that the country’s renewable energy resources are insufficient — and too intermittent — to ease dependence on coal in the near future. Zhang cited recent problems with energy grid failures in Texas as a prime example of what Chinese officials don’t want to see happen in their country. China’s National People’s Congress […]

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  • Why China is still clinging to coal

    • Date: 11/04/21
    • VOX

    Over half the coal plants under development globally are in China, and the country isn’t slowing down, a new report found. The world is still barreling in the wrong direction on coal power plant construction, and China — despite its pledges to scale down fossil fuels to avert climate catastrophe — continues to drive that […]

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  • Global CO2 emissions far off Net-Zero trajectory

    • Date: 10/04/21
    • John Kemp, Reuters

    LONDON (Reuters) – The global energy system has become greener over the last decade, but most countries are nowhere near on track to achieve net zero emissions by the middle of this century. Net zero has become symbolically and diplomatically important for policymakers, but the goal will remain far out of reach without much faster […]

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  • China’s bitcoin mining threatens climate goals as energy consumption overtakes that of European countries

    • Date: 06/04/21
    • The Daily Telegraph

    Bitcoin mining in China will outstrip the energy consumption of European countries by 2024, scientists say, warning that the industry threatens climate change goals.  The process of “mining” the cryptocurrency, which involves powerful computers verifying transactions by solving puzzles, is energy intensive and in China has a significant carbon footprint because many of the miners are in areas dependent […]

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  • African nations planning 1250 new coal and gas power plants, study reveals

    • Date: 03/04/21
    • GWPF & Power Engineering International

    Of Africa’s 2500 planned power-generation projects, half are coal and gas power plants, Oxford University study reveals A new study into Africa’s energy generation landscape uses a state-of-the-art machine-learning technique to analyse the pipeline of more than 2,500 planned power plants and their chances of successful commission. The study shows the share of non-hydro renewables […]

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  • Green energy transition has turned into an existential threat to German economy, Federal Audit Office warns

    • Date: 31/03/21
    • Die Welt

    “The Federal Audit Office sees the danger that the energy transition in this form will endanger Germany as a business location and overwhelm the financial strength of electricity-consuming companies and private households. This can ultimately jeopardise social acceptance of the energy transition.” The Federal Audit Office has accused the Federal Ministry of Economics of insufficiently […]

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  • In message to Joe Biden, India embarks on new coal boom

    • Date: 26/03/21
    • Bloomberg

    India has set in motion the biggest ever auction of coal mines in the country despite the fossil fuel’s key role in contributing to global warming. The country will put 67 mines on the block, the most in a single auction. Winners will be allowed to produce and sell the fuel, a reform meant to […]

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