• ‘Doomed Technology’: EPR Nuclear Reactor No Longer Competitive

    • Date: 27/11/10

    EDF Reactor Design Slated for Calvert Cliffs, Other U.S. Sites is ‘in Crisis,’ Unlikely to Succeed Even With Major Government, Ratepayer Help. “For the governments of countries like the USA and the UK, which have invested little political capital in the French nuclear dream, the sensible course is clear: stop all investment of public money […]

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  • Europe Is Swimming In Gas

    • Date: 26/11/10

    The U.S. is starting to supply gas to Europe. The surplus of domestic production and the active procurement of LNG in Qatar allowed the country to re-export gas using the so-called arbitrage transactions which means transferring purchased gas to new buyers. The first gas transport will come to the UK this weekend. The re-export of […]

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  • Forget Decarbonisation: Obama’s Shale Gas Bonanza

    • Date: 25/11/10

    Over the past two years, a controversial new drilling technique has unlocked massive reserves of U.S. natural gas, transforming the prospects for domestic energy production. The State Department has begun promoting the technology abroad, saying that if it were adopted in China, Eastern Europe, and India, it would boost exports, significantly reduce Russian and Middle […]

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  • Green Energy Funding Slumps

    • Date: 25/11/10

    Start-up funding for clean energy companies around the world has slumped in the last quarter, falling nearly a fifth since the previous three months, according to a new report. Investment by venture capital and private equity firms in clean technology and renewable energy companies has fallen from €4.3bn to €3.5bn ($5.5bn) since the second quarter, […]

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  • Methane Hydrates: The Next Energy Revolution?

    • Date: 24/11/10

    Global estimates “range from merely jaw-dropping to the truly staggering,” according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Canada is believed to have enough hydrates along its coasts to meet the country’s energy needs for a couple of hundred years. Japan looks to offshore methane hydrates to cut reliance on energy imports – Japan, which imports […]

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  • Game Over In The Carbon War?

    • Date: 23/11/10

    While the next climate summit in Cancun, Mexico at the end of this month will make a show of sifting the geopolitical wreckage from last December’s climate summit, any real prospect for coordinated international action is, post-Copenhagen, dead in the political water. As if that were not enough, the bête noire of climate alarmists, King […]

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  • Reality Check: Switch To Renewables Will Take Generations, Not Years

    • Date: 22/11/10

    The latest world energy outlook released by the International Energy Agency is a useful reminder of the enduring place of fossil fuels in the global energy mix. Energy demand and supply patterns change only slowly, and moving away from existing carbon-intensive energy systems will take generations, not years. Despite widespread worries about climate change, there […]

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  • It’s All Over For Green Energy Agenda

    • Date: 21/11/10

    THREE summers ago, the world’s supertankers were racing across the oceans as fast as they could to deliver oil to markets growing increasingly thirsty for energy. Americans were grumbling about paying as much as $4 a gallon for gasoline, as the price of crude oil leapt to $147 a barrel. Natural gas prices were vaulting […]

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