• Emission Impossible: ‘Green Growth’ Is Wishful Thinking

    • Date: 31/05/19
    • Phys.org

    A new study has found no absolute decoupling of CO2 emissions at a global level and concludes that green growth is a misguided objective. A new study examines green growth policies as articulated in major reports by the World Bank, the OECD and the UN Environment Programme, and tests the theory against extant empirical evidence […]

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  • European CO2 Emissions Up In 2017

    • Date: 30/05/19
    • European Environment Agency

    Total greenhouse gas emissions in the European Union (EU) increased by 0.7 % in 2017, according to latest official data published today by the European Environment Agency (EEA). Less coal was used to produce heat and electricity but this was offset by higher industrial and transport emissions, the latter increasing for the fourth consecutive year. […]

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  • Activists ‘Waging A Virtual War With Religious Zealotry’ Against Oil And Gas Industry

    • Date: 28/05/19
    • The Australian

    One of Australia’s biggest foreign investors has warned the energy sector faces a battle with a new breed of well-funded professional activists and armies of ideologically driven volunteers aiming to destroy the oil and gas industry. Shell — owner of the $20 billion Queensland LNG export facility and $US12bn ($17.3bn) Prelude floating gas project off […]

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  • Labor Government Says Adani Coal Mine Could Be Approved Within Weeks

    • Date: 24/05/19
    • The Epoch Times

    The Queensland premier is celebrating a “breakthrough” that could see her government’s two-year stand-off with mining giant Adani resolved within weeks. Annastacia Palaszczuk says firm deadlines have been set for two state approvals needed for the India-based company’s Galilee Basin coal mine to proceed. There should be a decision on Adani’s plan to protect an endangered […]

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  • Washington To Punish Builders Of Putin’s Gas Pipeline

    • Date: 22/05/19
    • The Times

    The US is drawing up a list of sanctions to punish the German and Russian companies involved in building an undersea gas pipeline beneath the Baltic that Washington characterises as a geopolitical tool of the Kremlin. Most of Germany’s allies, including Britain, France and Poland, oppose the €11 billion Nord Stream 2 project because they […]

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  • In Coal We Trust: Australia’s Voters Back PM Morrison’s Faith In Fossil Fuel

    • Date: 19/05/19
    • Reuters

    MELBOURNE (Reuters) – Australia’s re-elected Prime Minister Scott Morrison once brandished a lump of coal in parliament, crying, “This is coal – don’t be afraid!” His surprise win in what some dubbed the ‘climate election’ may have stunned the country, but voters should know what comes next in energy policy – big coal. Battered by […]

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  • Green Mega-Flop: German Failure On the Road To A Renewable Future

    • Date: 18/05/19
    • Der Spiegel

    The so-called Energiewende, the shift away from nuclear in favor of renewables, the greatest political project undertaken here since Germany’s reunification, is facing failure. The vision of the fantastic new world of the future was born eight years ago, on March 11, 2011, the day an earthquake-triggered tsunami damaged the nuclear power plant in Fukushima, […]

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  • Another Green Mega Flop: Tesla’s Solar Business Approaches Terminal Decline

    • Date: 16/05/19
    • Seeking Alpha

    In recent months the pattern of gradual decline in Tesla’s solar deployments gave way to an outright collapse. Elon Musk once contended that Tesla’s (TSLA) energy generation and storage business might one day dwarf its automotive manufacturing business. That prospect has proven increasingly fanciful with each passing quarter. We have tracked the declining fortunes of Tesla’s solar energy generation […]

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