• Solar panels ‘chronically underperforming’ and degrading faster than anticipated

    • Date: 12/06/21
    • PV Tech

    Solar asset underperformance continues to worsen, with projects “chronically underperforming” P99 estimates and modules degrading faster than previously anticipated, risk management firm kWh Analytics has found. kWh Analytics’ new Solar Risk Assessment, released this week, pulls together a raft of industry experts to assess the greatest risks to the global solar industry and has identified […]

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  • China’s coal shortage may lead to more power rationing

    • Date: 08/06/21
    • Argus Media

    More Chinese provinces are considering electricity rationing because of a surge in consumption and tighter coal supplies for power generation. This comes after similar measures were introduced in the southern provinces of Guangdong and Yunnan last month, highlighting the severity of China’s coal supply shortfall, which has caused electricity generation costs to rise above the base tariff for coal-fired […]

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  • India, Australia, China, Russia pushing ‘massive’ coal expansion

    • Date: 06/06/21
    • Economic Times of India

    Coal producers are actively pursuing 2.2 billion tonnes per annum of new mine projects around the world, a growth of 30 per cent from current production levels, a new report from Global Energy Monitor said on Thursday. The first-of-its-kind analysis surveyed 432 proposed coal projects globally and found a handful of provinces and states in […]

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  • As US retreats, Russia begins development on Arctic oil project that will produce 25 million tons of oil per year

    • Date: 02/06/21
    • Gizmodo

    Russia’s national oil company has begun construction on a massive project in the Arctic that officials say will produce 25 million tons of oil each year by 2024. The new operation is possible only because the Arctic is now traversable in places and at times it previously wasn’t, due to sea ice levels plummeting as the planet […]

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  • Solar farms: A toxic blot on the landscape

    • Date: 30/05/21
    • Mail on Sunday

    They’re filled with noxious chemicals, many are made by Chinese prisoners… and they don’t even work efficiently in gloomy British weather. More than a fifth of farmland will eventually be lost to solar farms, threatening the UK’s food security  Across Britain, solar farms are on the march.  Some 1,000 acres of rural land a month […]

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  • Tesla customers sue over surprise price hikes for solar energy

    • Date: 18/05/21
    • Bloomberg

    Tesla Inc. customers in California and several East Coast states sued the company over what they called unexpected and steep price hikes for the company’s Solar Roof product. Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk first unveiled the Solar Roof idea in the fall of 2016, weeks before Tesla acquired solar-panel installer SolarCity for about $2 billion, a […]

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  • Germany plans to hide the rising cost of the renewable energy transition

    • Date: 11/05/21
    • Alex Reichmuth, Schweizer Nebelspalte

    The subsidies for promoting renewable energy are getting out of hand in Germany. Now the coalition government is resorting to a trick: it is using the federal budget to cover the horrific costs. The financial effects of the energy transition are thus less visible. In Switzerland, people always look to Germany with a certain amount […]

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  • China has ‘no other choice’ but to rely on coal power for now, official says

    • Date: 02/05/21
    • CNBC

    BEIJING — China has ambitious goals for cutting its carbon emissions, but it won’t be abandoning coal power anytime soon as it keeps its eye firmly on economic targets. President Xi Jinping said in September that the country’s carbon emissions would begin to decline by 2030, and he said the country will reach carbon neutrality by 2060 […]

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