• Clean Coal: The Commonsense Answer To Africa’s Energy Crisis

    • Date: 10/08/20
    • Dr Rosemary Falcon, The Conservative Woman

    There is no choice but to electrify, and we can help Africa down that road. But we must treat Africans as equal partners, not children to be scolded into submission. A CENTURY from now, maybe sooner, it’s unlikely we’ll be using coal to make electricity. Or not much of it. Wind and solar are getting […]

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  • China’s Geostrategic Priorities Become Clear: Oil not Wind…

    • Date: 07/08/20
    • Dr John Constable, GWPF Energy Editor

    China’s offshore wind installations for 2019 and its plans for the end of the decade are catching headlines. Less well reported, in the United Kingdom at least, is the vastly more significant evidence that China is acting firmly to reduce western influence in the Persian Gulf and thus secure Middle Eastern oil supplies on a […]

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  • The Remarkable Claims of Mr Anderson

    • Date: 03/08/20
    • Andrew Montford, GWPF

    Scottish Power boss’s claims are refuted by his own company’s data. In an article in the Guardian over the weekend, the boss of Scottish Power, one Keith Anderson, is quoted on the subject on the effects of a vast expansion of the Contracts for Difference scheme, under which uneconomic electricity generators bid for preferential access […]

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  • Offshore Wind: Definitely Expensive

    • Date: 31/07/20
    • Andrew Montford, GWPF

    “Cheap” offshore wind power is an illusion Back in 2017, there was great excitement among environmentalists and the media, when it was announced that two offshore windfarms had bid remarkably low prices into the government’s Contracts for Difference auction, offering to supply electricity to the grid for around half the price that had been seen […]

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  • Offshore Wind Costs and Auction Price Bids: A Comment

    • Date: 31/07/20
    • Professor Gordon Hughes, Dr Capell Aris, and Dr John Constable

    In 2017 GWPF published a paper by Gordon Hughes, Capell Aris and John Constable reporting data on offshore wind construction costs that suggested the industry’s claim to have achieved dramatic reductions was unlikely to be true, and that the low strike prices bid in the Contracts for Difference auctions had other explanations. The authors wrote: […]

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  • Europe’s Hydrogen Strategy To Nowhere

    • Date: 30/07/20
    • Samuel Furfari, European Scientist

    What the EU is promising in this area is nothing more than tax expenditure for a solution that no one in the world will adopt. The European Commission presented its hydrogen strategy in July 2020. It is convinced that it will be possible to make ‘clean’ hydrogen a viable solution for a climate-neutral economy and to build […]

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  • ‘The Hidden Costs of Net Zero’

    • Date: 29/07/20
    • John O'Sullivan, The Pipeline

    If Ministers pay heed to Travers on the costs and practicality of their policies, they will reconsider de-carbonization and look instead at going nuclear or choosing adaptation over mitigation.  In last week’s column I argued that in dealing with the threats of climate change, our best approach would be to forget labels like “climate denialism” and “climate […]

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  • Vijay Jayaraj: India Crafts Fossil Pathway to Secure its Future

    • Date: 13/07/20
    • Vijay Jayaraj, GWPF Energy

    India is on the way to become a fossil fuel-based energy powerhouse of the 21st century. India’s developmental goals for the future are quite ambitious. They ought to be: From tackling the surging poverty rates to providing affordable utilities, the country faces a steep challenge. The key to achieving any of its developmental goals is […]

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