• The Myth That Oil Demand Is Coming To An End

    • Date: 18/03/19
    • Robert Lyman

    Demand for oil is not coming to an end for a very long time, if ever. On March 12, 2019, Maclean’s Magazine published an article by Jen Gerson entitled What Happens When the Demand for Alberta Oil Goes Away? In it, she commented on the forthcoming Alberta provincial election and wrote that carbon taxes and […]

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  • Venezuela Is Close To Becoming A Post-Apocalyptic Society: That’s What Socialism Has Created

    • Date: 16/03/19
    • Daniel Turner, Fox News

    When Hugo Chavez turned Venezuela into a socialist state, he started with the oil industry. The entirety of the economic collapse, the ruination of people, the destruction of a state, the misery, sorrow, violence and death – all of it was completely avoidable and predictable. In 2007, leftists around the world rejoiced when the strongman ordered a government takeover […]

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  • Russia’s Pipe Dreams Are Europe’s Nightmare

    • Date: 13/03/19
    • Dimitar Bechev, Foreign Policy

    Putin’s plans to run the TurkStream pipeline through the Balkans won’t end well. In the ongoing showdown between Russia and the West, Russia has a trump card: natural gas exports. Despite chilly relations, in 2018, gas shipments from Russia to Europe and Turkey hit an all-time high of 201.8 billion cubic meters (bcm). And even as […]

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  • The UK Offshore Wind Sector Deal: A Reality Check

    • Date: 07/03/19
    • Dr John Constable, GWPF Energy Editor

    The UK government’s long-rumoured Offshore Wind Sector Deal, part of the Industrial Strategy, has at last been published this morning (7 March 2019). After the delays in publication, much was expected of the Deal, and it is being reported as highly significant, with the BBC, the Financial Times, the Times and the Telegraph all remarking that it commits the […]

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  • ‘Big Oil’ Is Rapidly Becoming ‘Big Shale’

    • Date: 06/03/19
    • David Sheppard, Financial Times

    Bullish production forecasts from US supermajors make unhappy reading for Opec nations It is not often that routine corporate updates can rattle nations but that is exactly what happened this week. ExxonMobil and Chevron, the two largest US energy supermajors, both raised their guidance for the amount of oil they expect to squeeze out of […]

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  • UN Legal Tribunal Issues Rebuke Of EU Renewable Energy Programme

    • Date: 05/03/19
    • Pat Swords

    UN Legal Tribunal issues sharp rebuke to EU for its repeated failure to comply with its treaty obligations concerning environmental democracy – illegalities with respect to the implementation of the EU renewable programme and inadequate access to justice. The growing chorus about the EU’s democratic deficit is being fuelled by the manner in which its […]

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  • Negative Energy: Berlin’s Trumpian Turn On Nord Stream 2

    • Date: 01/03/19
    • Gustab Gressel, Europeam Council On Foreign Affairs

    Berlin’s handling of the controversial Nord Stream 2 project reveals double standards and neglect of the pipeline’s security repercussions.  Berlin has handled the dispute over the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline with unilateralism and clumsiness worthy of US President Donald Trump. On 8 February, the EU Committee of Permanent Representatives was to vote on a […]

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  • How The Shale Revolution Is Reshaping World Markets

    • Date: 26/02/19
    • Nick Butler, Financial Times

    The fast-growing industry in the US is proving doubters of its sustainability wrong The latest short-term outlook for US oil production published by the Energy Information Administration shows output rising to 13.2m barrels a day by the end of 2020. If this is achieved (and the EIA is traditionally cautious), the US will be the […]

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