• The Scottish Wind-Power Racket

    • Date: 14/08/17
    • John Constable and Matt Ridley, CapX

    Imagine a sausage factory – the luckiest, most profitable sausage factory in the world. Its machines crank out their sausages, and lorries carry them to supermarkets. So far, so normal. But this particular factory makes as many sausages as the management and staff choose. If they feel like taking the day off, the lorries and […]

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  • Nuclear Power As We Know It Is Finished

    • Date: 05/08/17
    • Chris Tomlinson, Houston Chronicle

    Let it be written that environmentalists didn’t kill the nuclear power industry, economics did. South Carolina Electric and Gas Co. and partner Santee Cooper abandoned work on two new nuclear reactors this week, not because of public protests, but because the only way to pay for them was to overcharge customers or bankrupt both companies. The […]

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  • Capital Investment in the UK Energy and Electricity Sectors

    • Date: 02/08/17
    • Dr John Constable: GWPF Energy Editor

    New data published by the UK’s Department of Business Energy and Industrial Strategy allows us to estimate that 36% of total energy sector capital formation since 2010 has been devoted to renewables. Nearly all of that has been in the electricity sector, where 83% of the capital invested (£52 billion) has been in renewable generation. […]

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  • Flexibility and Productivity of the UK Electricity System

    • Date: 27/07/17
    • Dr John Constable: GWPF Energy Editor

    The UK Government is pushing the electricity system towards broadscale adoption of a selected range of expensive and uncertainly net-beneficial flexibility measures, including electricity storage, demand side response, and other so-called “smart” technologies, into which some £20 billion would have to be invested in the shorter term. Examination of the consultants’ report behind this policy […]

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  • FOI Emails Reveal Obama’s Paris Climate Scheme

    • Date: 26/07/17
    • Christopher C. Horner, The Washington Times

    Emails show ‘disturbing contempt’ for the Senate’s treaty role Obama Plan to Usurp the Senate’s Legislative Power Illustration by Greg Groesch/The Washington Times The New York Times on Aug. 24, 2014, broke a major news story: “Obama pushing Climate Accord in Lieu of Treaty.” It’s a clumsy headline — no one dared claim the Kyoto […]

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  • National Grid’s Future Energy Scenarios: Cui Bono?

    • Date: 19/07/17
    • Dr John Constable: GWPF Energy Editor

    National Grid’s recently published Future Energy Scenarios, 2017, is in essence an examination of its own prospects in a period of policy driven sectoral transformation. However turbulent the future appears to be for generators, and however costly for consumers, shareholders in National Grid can sleep easy at night. Things will be fine, for them at […]

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  • Why The Renewable Energy Industry Is (Mostly) A Scam

    • Date: 13/07/17
    • National Economics Editorial

    Renewable energy is irrelevant. It will remain irrelevant and won’t power the future. Renewable energy advocates have claimed for decades that solar and wind power are the future—and the future is right around the corner. Some boldly state that the world could be powered by renewable energy sources as early as 2030, given the exponential growth […]

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  • A Green Economy Is Possible, But At What Cost?

    • Date: 10/07/17
    • Jonathan Ford, Financial Times

    The problem with renewables lies not in capability, but in low productivity Some US scientists have recently been conducting a rather heated argument about whether it is possible to have an economy that is powered 100 per cent by renewable (or non-fossil) energy sources. The answer, obviously, is yes. Such economies have previously existed, and […]

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