• Benny Peiser: Incredible Shrinking Europe — Between Climate Utopia And Green Energy Crisis

    • Date: 26/07/19

    Presentation at the Heartland Institute’s 13th International Climate Change Conference, Washington DC, 25 July 2019 Presentation (PDF)

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  • Robert Bryce: A Reality Check for U.S. Solar and Wind

    • Date: 26/07/19
    • The Wall Street Journal

    All told, renewables produce a small fraction of recent years’ increased production of oil and gas. Nearly all the Democrats running for the White House share two common talking points on energy: They loathe hydrocarbons and they love renewables. “We can and must build an economy free from fossil fuels,” Washington Gov. Jay Inslee has […]

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  • Forget The Climate Hysteria: Here’s A Global Energy Reality Check

    • Date: 24/07/19
    • Francis Menton, Manhattan Contrarian

    There is zero chance that any developing country will stop their CO2 emissions increases until they have achieved the same levels of per capita energy consumption that we have here in the U.S. and in Europe. Undoubtedly you read at least some organs of the mainstream media. Perhaps your go-to source is the New York […]

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  • California’s Latest Descent Into Green Madness: Berkeley Bans Natural Gas

    • Date: 22/07/19
    • Daniel Turner, Fox News

    The eco-left has sunk its teeth into state and local government in California, and it will be struggling families who pay the price. From sanctuary cities to brutally high taxes, California is the undisputed center of gravity for today’s far-left. If you want to see how liberal policies would look on a national level, you don’t have […]

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  • Bjorn Lomborg: Voters Reject Green Campaigners’ Extreme Climate Policies

    • Date: 19/07/19
    • Bjorn Lomborg, The Daily Telegraph

    All over the world voters prefer parties whose energy policy focuses on driving down power prices instead of making energy ever more expensive. The renowned naturalist and climate change campaigner Sir David Attenborough believes governments should face a reckoning for their failure to tackle global warming. Speaking recently about the US and Australia, he expressed a hope that the electorate would vote […]

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  • Putin’s Gamble & Europe’s Looming Energy Crisis

    • Date: 16/07/19
    • Alan Riley, The American Interest

    Russia has laid the groundwork to pressure the European Union with surging gas prices and supply shortages next year, but the longer a new gas crisis goes on, the greater the chance it will cost Russia dearly. Will Moscow or Brussels blink first? As Europe is sweating out yet another hot summer, energy executives and […]

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  • Mark Mills: Inconvenient Energy Realities

    • Date: 01/07/19
    • Mark P Mills, Economics21

    The physics and economics of energy combined with scale realities make it clear that there is no possibility of anything resembling a radically “new energy economy” in the foreseeable future. The math behind “The New Energy Economy: An Exercise in Magical Thinking” A week doesn’t pass without a mayor, governor, policymaker or pundit joining the […]

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  • China’s Coal Bi-Polarity Expedites the Death of the Paris Agreement

    • Date: 26/06/19
    • Vijay Jayaraj, Master Resource

    The most significant threat to the Paris agreement has come from countries that refuse to quench their addiction to coal.  Among them is the largest consumer of coal: China. China’s continued defiance of the anti-coal establishment has dealt a lethal blow to the future prospects of the Paris agreement. Here are some key indicators from […]

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