• Joe Biden’s energy gift to dictators

    • Date: 10/06/21
    • Editorial, The Wall Street Journal

    China, Russia and Iran will exploit the U.S. retreat on fossil fuels. The U.S. is barreling toward one of the greatest self-inflicted wounds in its history. This came into sharper focus last week when President Biden suspended oil leases in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), even as Russia and the Organization of the Petroleum […]

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  • Vijay Jayaraj: Despite COP26 pressure, Asia and Africa remain committed to coal

    • Date: 02/06/21
    • Vijay Jayaraj, India

    With Asia and Africa defiant in their pursuit of coal while the US and Russia continue to feed the growing global appetite for coal, the end of coal is nowhere near. Instead, we might witness a renewed global demand for coal. The head of the United Nation’s 2021 Climate Summit, Alok Sharma, has demanded that […]

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  • Steve Baker: The ‘Net Zero’ boiler ban will leave Britain’s poorest out in the cold

    • Date: 26/05/21
    • Steve Baker, The Sun

    The cost of Net Zero could deliver a political crisis greater than the Poll Tax. Homeowners could be forced to pay thousands to replace their gas boilers as ministers move to ban them within 14 years. The policy will be at the centre of Net Zero plans to be unveiled in the coming months as the […]

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  • Despite Biden’s climate deal, India is set to forge ahead with fossil fuel acceleration

    • Date: 11/05/21
    • Vijay Jayaraj, India

    India will not reduce its growing dependence on fossil fuels but will invest in renewable technology as a requirement under various international climate agreements. During the recently concluded Leaders’ Summit on Climate, India and the U.S. signed the India-US Clean Energy Agenda 2030 Partnership. India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that “Together we will help […]

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  • How to and how not to cut UK electricity bills

    • Date: 06/05/21
    • Dr John Constable, GWPF Energy Editor

    The cost of renewables subsidies is beginning to cause alarm even amongst those who think they are necessary for decarbonisation, with some analysts acknowledging that rising electricity prices inhibit the adoption of heat pumps, and thus represent a barrier to decarbonisation of household heating. In response, the think-tank and public affairs company Public First has […]

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  • Macron’s energy war threat leaves Britain facing the nuclear option

    • Date: 06/05/21
    • Ben Marlow, The Daily Telegraph

    The mere fact that a foreign territory could petulantly flick a switch and plunge part of the British isles into darkness should serve as a wake-up call for the UK and energy policy in a post-Brexit world. […] Having previously threatened to block UK financial firms from operating in Europe if Britain does not give French […]

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  • Hornsea and the ocean of offshore windfarm subsidies

    • Date: 14/04/21
    • Andrew Montford, GWPF

    This week we got the first full-year operating results for one of Britain’s biggest windfarms. Beatrice has been built in the Moray Firth at a cost approaching £2 billion, and seems to be doing quite well, achieving a load factor of around 48%. However, the details of the accounts show what a financial basketcase it […]

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  • Vijay Jayaraj: India speeds up fossil-fuelled economy, despite Net Zero noises

    • Date: 26/03/21

    India is increasingly aiming for a fossil-fuel dominated energy sector, and not a green one. India, the world’s third biggest oil importer, is now on a mission to diversify its oil imports and look beyond the Middle East. For the first time, oil processors and buyers in India are buying oil from Guyana and Brazil. […]

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