• “Two-Thirds Of CO2 Cuts Since 2008 Delivered Through Manipulating Car Tests”

    • Date: 28/09/15
    • Energy Post

    “On average, two-thirds of the claimed gains in CO2 emissions and fuel consumption since 2008 have been delivered through manipulating tests with only 13.3 g/km of real progress on the roads set against 22.2 g/km of ‘hot air’” according to the T&E report. New cars, including the Mercedes A, C and E class, BMW 5 series […]

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  • Holy Wrong

    • Date: 27/09/15
    • Editorial, The Sun

    The Pope makes valuable contributions on religious matter. But he has no business banging on about climate change. That has nothing to do with faith. It’s about science and provable facts. That science is disputed, some of it discredited. The Pope’s believe in it is irrelevant. Stick to religion, Your Holiness.

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  • Climate Alarmists: To Save The Planet, Should We Abandon Democracy?

    • Date: 25/09/15
    • Daphne Muller, Big Think Nico Stehr, Nature

    Daphne Muller: If Democracy Can’t Respond to Climate Change, Should We Abandon Democracy? Climate change or global warming — no matter what you call it, the Earth has been negatively impacted by human activity. What’s worse is that some of the world’s most powerful and influential nations are democracies that have been ineffective (at best) at […]

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  • Obama’s Plan To Avoid Senate Review Of The Paris Protocol

    • Date: 24/09/15
    • Steven Groves, The Heritage Foundation

    Abstract: The Paris Protocol climate change agreement—to be negotiated between November 30 and December 11, 2015—should be submitted to the Senate for its advice and consent. President Obama seems poised to circumvent Congress and prevent the Senate from having any input on the agreement. That is alarming behavior on the President’s part, since international commitments […]

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  • Pope Francis’s Fanciful – And Dangerous – View Of Nature

    • Date: 24/09/15
    • Donald J. Boudreaux, Cafe Hayek

    Here’s a letter by Professor Boudreaux to the Washington Post: On the opening page of your website today you ask readers to register their agreement or disagreement with this statement of Pope Francis: “This is our sin: Exploiting the Earth and not allowing her to give us what she has within her.”* This claim is laughable.  […]

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  • Associated Press Drops ‘Climate Denier’ Label

    • Date: 23/09/15
    • Paul Colford, Associated Press

    An addition to AP Stylebook entry on global warming The AP Stylebook editors today informed AP staff about a change to the entry on global warming. In addition, they described what goes into keeping the Stylebook up-to-date, including their outreach to experts. AP science writer Seth Borenstein was among those who provided guidance during the […]

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  • US Taxpayers Duped Into Shelling Out $51 Million In Green Subsidies For ‘Clean’ VW Cars

    • Date: 22/09/15
    • Jerry Hirsch, Los Angeles Times

    The federal government paid out as much as $51 million in green car subsidies for Volkswagen diesel vehicles based on falsified pollution test results, according to a Times analysis of the federal incentives. On Friday, federal and state regulators said the German automaker used software in 482,000 of its diesel vehicles since the 2009 model […]

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  • New Book: Doubt And Certainty in Climate Science

    • Date: 21/09/15
    • Climate Etc.

    Doubt and Certainty in Climate Science is an important new book that everyone should read.  And its free. It is a privilege to make available to you the book Doubt and Certainty in Climate Science, by Alan Longhurst [link Longhurst final  to download the book]. The book is 239 pages long, with 606 footnotes/references.  The book is well written, technical […]

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