• Ben Pile: A Rebellion That The Establishment Loves

    • Date: 20/02/20
    • Ben Pile, Spiked

    Why our usually illiberal establishment has been so chilled out about XR’s week of vandalism. Extinction Rebellion (XR) protesters in Cambridge have launched a week-long campaign of obstruction and petty vandalism. It began with the protesters issuing demands to Cambridge City Council to hold a citizens’ assembly on climate change, to Cambridgeshire County Council to organise […]

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  • Tim Worstall: WWF’s Casual Casuistry

    • Date: 13/02/20
    • Tim Worstall, Adam Smith Institute

    Global Futures report ignored benefits of GDP growth A quite startling piece of prestigitation here, we have proof that less is more. True, this is about the “science” of climate change so perhaps not all that remarkable given the manipulations that take place here. The claim from the WWF’s Global Futures report is that the […]

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  • New Survey Confirms: Climate Is One Of The Lowest Priorities For Americans

    • Date: 12/02/20
    • Donna Laframboise, No Frakking Consensus

    A new survey by the Pew Research Center on the top priorities of US Americans shows that climate change ended up in 17th place out of 18. There is no evidence that climate change has ever been a top concern for most Americans. Recently I reported on a poll that Gallup has conducted in America every month […]

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  • Coercing China On Climate Change?

    • Date: 06/02/20
    • Derek Scissors, AEI

    Absent drastically different policies, China will continue to emit 5.5-6 billion more tons of carbon than the US every year. The atmosphere does not respond to greenhouse gas emissions per capita or scaled by economic size or to “fairness,” only to the quantity of emissions. The latest data on those quantities reinforce that (prospective) American policy-makers who […]

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  • German Wind Energy On The Verge Of Collapse

    • Date: 02/02/20
    • No Tricks Zone

    Despite the German government’s renewed commitment to meeting its CO2 emissions target by expanding wind energy, online weekly FOCUS reports that wind energy appears to be on the verge of collapse and that “German climate targets are in danger.” Lowest activity since ‘Energiewende’ began in 2000 FOCUS cites wind industry officials who say that the building of […]

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  • How Greenpeace Took Over BBC News

    • Date: 27/01/20
    • David Keighley, The Conservative Woman

    The BBC runs – at our expense – probably the largest and best-resourced newsroom in the world. So how is it using its journalistic muscle? Its latest ruse is to go into partnership with . . . Greenpeace.  The target of this initiative – evidenced here – seems to be to interfere with the operations of the government agency […]

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  • I Cheered When the Bushfire Came

    • Date: 13/01/20
    • Geoff Walker. Quadrant

    With the eastern seaboard currently ravaged by bushfires, what sort of an idiot would actually cheer when one worked its way down the peninsular where he lived? I did, and there were a lot of others who did the same. To understand why, we must go back over more than a year when a winter […]

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  • Are Australia Bushfires Worsening from Human-Caused Climate Change?

    • Date: 09/01/20
    • Roy Spencer

    The claim by many that human-caused climate change has made Australian bushfires worse is difficult to support, for a number of reasons. Summary Points 1) Global wildfire activity has decreased in recent decades, making any localized increase (or decrease) in wildfire activity difficult to attribute to ‘global climate change’. 2) Like California, Australia is prone to bushfires […]

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