• Flawed Claim of New Study: ‘Extreme Tornado Outbreaks Have Become More Common’

    • Date: 08/03/16
    • Anthony Watts, Watts Up With That

    A new paper shows that the average number of tornadoes per outbreak has grown by more than 40% over the last half century. The likelihood of extreme outbreaks – those with many tornadoes – is also greater. — This paper is flawed from the start, right from the raw data itself, read on to see why From the […]

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  • Feminist Glaciology & The Politically Correct Paris Agreement

    • Date: 06/03/16
    • Steven Hayward, PowerLine

    Take in this abstract from the obviously mis-named journal Progress in Human Geography: Glaciers, gender, and science: A feminist glaciology framework for global environmental change research Mark Carey, M Jackson, Alessandro Antonello, Jaclyn Rushing Abstract Glaciers are key icons of climate change and global environmental change. However, the relationships among gender, science, and glaciers – particularly related to epistemological […]

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  • If You Don’t Like The Data, Just Adjust It

    • Date: 05/03/16
    • Paul Homewood, Not A Lot of People Know That

    As usual with these things, the past has been cooled and the present warmed. http://www.woodfortrees.org/plot/rss/from:1998/to:2016/plot/rss/from:1998/to:2016/trend As we know, RSS have been a real thorn in the side of the climate establishment in recent years. Their satellite measured temperature trends have failed to back up claims of rising global temperatures and record years. This has also […]

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  • February Is Warmest Month In Satellite Period

    • Date: 01/03/16
    • Roy Spencer blog

    The Version 6.0 global average lower tropospheric temperature (LT) anomaly for February, 2016 is +0.83 deg. C, up almost 0.3 deg C from the January value of +0.54 deg. C (click for full size version), which is a new record for the warmest monthly anomaly since satellite monitoring began in late 1978. The 1-month increase […]

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  • Persistent Pause Perplexes Climate Catastrophists

    • Date: 29/02/16
    • Doug K Hoffman, The Resilient Earth

    A few months back, the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) made headlines by declaring the 18+ year pause in global warming a hoax, or at least a misunderstanding. In June 2015, NOAA scientists published an online article in the journal Science finds that the rate of global warming during the last 15 years has […]

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  • Lord Stern: Current Climate Models Are Grossly Misleading

    • Date: 25/02/16
    • Andrew Montford, Bishop Hill

    You know all that money we have been spending on developing economic models of the effects of climate change? Well apparently it has mostly been wasted. At least that’s the case according to Lord Stern, whose article in the sociology journal Nature says that we should be moving onto something more reliable. Because the IAMs […]

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  • Has Michael Mann Become A Climate Change ‘Denier’ Now?

    • Date: 24/02/16
    • Ronald Bailey, Reason Online

    Lots of climate researchers and climate change activists have been discombobulated by the fact that global average temperature increases have been considerably slower during the first years of this century than most climate models projected. There have been scores of studies that have tried to explain away this inconvenient fact. One of the more heralded […]

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  • UN Green Climate Fund Is A Slush Fund For Dictators

    • Date: 22/02/16
    • Marian L. Tupy, Foundation for Economic Education

    It is not drought but government policies that make nations starve Wherever you stand on the subject of global warming, pay close attention to one under-reported aspect of the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference or Paris Agreement. I am referring to the Green Climate Fund (GCF), which is a financial mechanism intended “to assist […]

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