• Gore Effect Hits Opening Night Of Al Gore’s New Climate Movie

    • Date: 21/01/17
    • The Hollywood Reporter

    Gore Effect hits  new Gore Film: Below-freezing temperatures arrive with opening night of Al Gore’s new film ‘An Inconvenient Sequel’. Park City is bracing for a slew of snow at Sundance Film Festival.   The festival locale sank to below-freezing temperatures ahead of Thursday’s opening-night film An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power, Al Gore’s climate-change follow-up to 2006’s An Inconvenient […]

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  • Green Energy Advocates Alarmed About Theresa May’s Brexit Plans

    • Date: 20/01/17
    • Sonja van Renssen, Energy Post

    It suddenly looks like the UK may not stay in the EU’s Emission Trading System (ETS) and internal energy market after all. In her speech at Lancaster House on Tuesday, 17 January, UK Prime Minister Theresa May crystallised the “hard Brexit” path that the UK has started down. Among other things, she said: “Not partial membership of […]

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  • Americans’ Trust in Mass Media Sinks to New Low

    • Date: 18/01/17
    • Gallup

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — Americans’ trust and confidence in the mass media “to report the news fully, accurately and fairly” has dropped to its lowest level in Gallup polling history, with 32% saying they have a great deal or fair amount of trust in the media. This is down eight percentage points from last year. Gallup […]

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  • Beyond Physics: Advanced Biology and Climate Change

    • Date: 16/01/17
    • Clive Hambler, Climate Etc

    Reflections on the stabilization of Earth’s climate by life. People frequently believe the claim that basic physics, established in the 19th Century, is sufficient to predict that Earth will warm in response to increasing CO2. However, I argue here that negative feedbacks due to life (‘Gaia’) may have stabilized the planet’s climate — on geological […]

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  • Frack, Baby, Frack: For The First Time Since 1957, U.S. Becomes Net Exporter Of Natural Gas

    • Date: 15/01/17
    • The American Interest

    The first few weeks of the new year are an excellent time to reflect on what happened in 2016, and that reflection is greatly helped by collated data from organizations like the Energy Information Administration (EIA), which has been rolling out year-end reviews—like this report on falling wholesale electricity prices—all month long. The latest report is […]

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  • The Next Subprime Crisis Could Be Green

    • Date: 13/01/17
    • The American Interest

    Subprime mortgages brought the global economy to a grinding halt in 2008, but eight years later it’s not clear that policymakers have learned many lessons from that crisis. This time, instead of mortgages being given out like candy, it’s a government backed program called Property Assessed Clean Energy (or PACE for short) that was drawn […]

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  • The End Of Germany’s Energiewende?

    • Date: 11/01/17
    • Energy Post

    The prominent German economist Heiner Flassbeck has challenged fundamental assumptions of the Energiewende at his blog site makroskop.eu. According to Flassbeck, the former Director of Macroeconomics and Development at the UNCTAD in Geneva and a former State Secretary of Finance, a recent period of extremely low solar and wind power generation shows that Germany will never […]

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  • Sharp Drop Of Global Temperatures

    • Date: 10/01/17
    • Ryan Maue

    During last few days, Northern Hemisphere average temperature fell by > 1.0°C vs climatology (1981-2010).

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