• African Lives Matter Too

    • Date: 17/11/20
    • CO2 Coalition

    New study shows how American clean coal technology can increase access to electricity and cut deaths from indoor air pollution Arlington, VA. The CO2 Coalition of 60 climate scientists and energy engineers today released a White Paper showing how American “high efficiency – low emissions” power plants can save lives in Africa. Only a third […]

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  • How clouds hold the key to global warming

    • Date: 03/11/20
    • Science under attack

    One of the biggest weaknesses in computer climate models – the very models whose predictions underlie proposed political action on human CO2 emissions – is the representation of clouds and their response to global warming. The deficiencies in computer simulations of clouds are acknowledged even by climate modelers. Yet cloud behavior is key to whether […]

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  • Age of Un-Reason: How fear and ignorance drives the green doomsday cult

    • Date: 31/10/20
    • Stop These Things

    If it looks like a cult and sounds like a cult, it’s a cult. The new ‘green’ religion is a world where the naïve and gullible seek salvation through the veneration of wind turbines – as if crucifixes – belief in “the science” has supplanted Scripture and ‘scientists’ peddling doomsday tales garner rapt attention, like […]

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  • Japan’s carbon neutral pledge looks like a load of hot air

    • Date: 28/10/20
    • Philip Patrick, The Spectator

    Given that Japan’s new prime minister Yoshihide Suga (71) and the rest of Japan’s reigning gerontocracy will probably be dead long before the carbon pledge is due, the whole thing is being taken with a pinch of wasabi. Japan’s new prime minister Yoshihide Suga is talking tough on climate change. Suga has promised that Japan […]

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  • Ross Clark: Why is the UK copying the EU’s failed agricultural policy?

    • Date: 23/10/20
    • Ross Clark, The Spectator

    The government has decided to continue to dole out billions to barley barons, grouse shoot-owners and other large landowners without any guarantee of public good.  With the UK looking likely to exit transition in December without a trade deal, there has been plenty of coverage of what life outside the bloc will mean for Britain. There has been […]

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  • Joel Kotkin: An “Ecotopian” Future – Can California’s Green Extremism Go National?

    • Date: 01/10/20

    California’s Ecotopia, far from a fantasy, could soon become reality—for the rich and everyone else. One is often at a loss to explain California to people from other planets—like, say, earth. This is a state that issues mandates for electrification of everything while reducing its generating capacity. It blames devastating fires on climate change, without […]

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  • Ben Pile: Science Is Now Just Another Wing Of Politics

    • Date: 24/09/20
    • Ben Pile, Spiked

    When science so readily attaches itself to politics, policies and candidates, it loses all claim to objectivity. Earlier this month, Scientific American broke with what it claims is its 175-year history of political neutrality to endorse US presidential candidate, Joe Biden. According to the magazine’s editorial: ‘The evidence and the science show that Donald Trump has badly damaged the […]

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  • Now Facebook Is Censoring Environmentalists

    • Date: 22/09/20
    • Spiked

    Greenpeace and other eco-activists have had their accounts suspended. Facebook has suspended the accounts of a number of environmental organisations, reports the Guardian. Facebook says this was a mistake and that suspended accounts have now been restored. In truth, some are still blocked. Elizabeth Jardim, senior corporate campaigner for Greenpeace USA, told the Guardian: ‘The recent bans… show us […]

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