• Democrats, Pay Attention To The ‘Ecomodernist’ Running For Governor in California

    • Date: 20/03/18
    • Julie Kelly, The Federalist

      In his latest book, “Enlightenment Now,” Steven Pinker credits ecomodernists — a new breed of environmentalists — for their forward-thinking approach to challenges such as climate change, energy, and land use. Pinker praises Michael Shellenberger, a founder of the ecomodernism movement, for defying old-guard greens who reject modernity and fantasize about a future without […]

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  • Electric Cars: Magic Policy Wand Won’t Achieve The Impossible

    • Date: 16/03/18
    • Martin Livermore, Scientific Alliance

    The number of electric cars sold in Britain has fallen by a third since the start of the year, amid concerns that motorists are being put off by high prices, limited battery range and a lack of roadside charging points. These are the opening words of an article in the Times this week (Electric car […]

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  • Thanks To The Anti-Fracking Lobby, Britain Depends On Russia’s Gas

    • Date: 15/03/18
    • Ross Clark, The Spectator

    Who stands between the government and a proper, effective sanctions regime against Russia? Not Jeremy Corbyn, though he might wish he could. Putin is going to get away with the Salisbury attack, suffering little more than a token expulsion of diplomats, thanks to anti-fracking protesters. They didn’t mean it, of course. When they stood before […]

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  • Trump Ousts Tillerson: What’s Next for the Paris Climate Treaty?

    • Date: 14/03/18
    • Marlo Lewis Jr, CEI

    President Trump has ousted Rex Tillerson from his post as Secretary of State and plans to replace him with CIA director Mike Pompeo. Tillerson, under whose leadership ExxonMobil became an advocate of carbon taxes, led the pro-Paris climate treaty faction within the Trump administration. In stark contrast, in 2015, then-congressman Pompeo said about the Paris Agreement: “Congress must also do all in our power […]

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  • California: Radical Greens Taking Over Democratic Party

    • Date: 12/03/18
    • Joel Kotkin, City Journal

    In California, a new dominant coalition — led by tech oligarchs, identity politicians, and Greens — is rising to usurp control of the Democratic Party. The California Democratic Party’s refusal to endorse the reelection of Senator Dianne Feinstein represents a breaking point both for the state’s progressives and, arguably, the future of the party nationwide. […]

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  • The New Lukewarmers: Scientific American Turns Down The Heat Over Global Warming

    • Date: 10/03/18
    • John Horgan, Scientific American

    “Looked at in the broader context of economic development, climate change will barely slow our progress in the effort to raise living standards.” I work hard to maintain my optimistic outlook. Wishful thinking works. The first step toward building a more healthy, peaceful, just world is to believe we can do it. So how do […]

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  • The Rise and Fall of Central England Temperatures

    • Date: 08/03/18
    • Tony Brown, Climate Etc

    This article examines the continued cooling of CET this century Looks at a similar scenario of regional cooling in America Examines CET related urbanisation issues, and the current Met office allowances for this Notes the centuries long general warming of our climate. Notes considerable English seasonal variability over the centuries Examines the key component parts […]

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  • Green Is Becoming Un-Cool: Voters No Longer Want US Democrats To Focus On Climate Change

    • Date: 05/03/18
    • Vox

    Health care comes first, guns come in second, and climate change is far behind. Significant pluralities of American voters, and Democrats specifically, want the Democratic Party to prioritize health care if they retake the White House and Congress in 2021: Out of all likely voters, 31 percent said they would want Democrats to focus on […]

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