• Forget Price Caps: UK Climate Policies Will Add Nearly £600 To Energy Bills

    • Date: 14/05/17
    • Christopher Booker, The Sunday Telegraph

    Theresa May’s “cap” on energy saves £1.4 billion a year; this will be dwarfed by the additional £7.4 billion a year due to be added to our energy bills under the Climate Change Act. I would defy anyone unfortunate enough to hear the Today programme at 8.10 last Tuesday morning to have made head or tail […]

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  • Even At $40 Oil, US Shale Revolution Is Unstoppable — Report

    • Date: 13/05/17
    • Fuel Fix

    Rystad Energy, the Norwegian consultancy, believes U.S. Lower 48 oil production will continue to grow even if prices fall to $40 a barrel. U.S. oil prices have dropped below $50 a barrel in recent weeks, in part because traders worry shale drillers will pump a lot more crude than the world needs this year. But […]

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  • U.S. Shale Spending Dwarfs Competition: Grows 10 Times Faster

    • Date: 12/05/17
    • Oil Price

    While OPEC has just two weeks left until the May 25th meeting to decide on an extension of its production cuts, U.S. shale is back to drilling and planning capital spending increases this year at a pace that is ten times faster than the rise in international oil companies’ budgets. Emerging from the oil price […]

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  • Matt Ridley: Wind Turbines Are Neither Clean Nor Green

    • Date: 11/05/17
    • The Spectator

    We urgently need to stop the ecological posturing and invest in gas and nuclear The Global Wind Energy Council recently released its latest report, excitedly boasting that ‘the proliferation of wind energy into the global power market continues at a furious pace, after it was revealed that more than 54 gigawatts of clean renewable wind […]

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  • May’s Energy Price Controls Savaged By Experts And Her Own Cabinet

    • Date: 09/05/17
    • Guido Fawkes

    Theresa May’s interventionist energy price cap has whacked share prices this morning: Centrica is trading at the lowest level for 15 months. The wonk world is savaging the policy: Adam Smith Institute: “Freezing energy prices was a very bad idea when Ed Miliband proposed it. Yet two years after the electorate rejected it Theresa May […]

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  • Energy Price Cap Concerns

    • Date: 09/05/17
    • The Times

    Sir, The government reportedly intends to impose a price control that would cut £100 off the energy bills of 17 million customers (News, Apr 25). This is despite the Competition and Market Authority’s recent investigation which concluded that such a price control, even if temporary, “would run excessive risks of undermining the competitive process” and […]

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  • Data Analyses Show Rapid Global Surface Cooling, Growing Arctic Ice Thickness

    • Date: 08/05/17
    • P Gosselin, No Tricks Zone

    Analyses show that global temperatures continue their rapid cooling trend, as Schneefan here writes. What follows are excerpts of his recent comprehensive analysis. The cooling comes naturally in the wake of the moderate La Nina conditions that have ruled over the past months. In April surface temperatures 2 meters above the ground plummeted as the following […]

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  • Today In The Annals Of Science

    • Date: 05/05/17
    • Power Line

    The science community, if such as thing can be said to exist as a singular entity, wonders why public regard for science has slipped. Maybe it has to do with stories like this, included in this week’s Nature magazine news roundup: Controversial microplastics study to be retracted The authors of a high-profile paper about the […]

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