• Is Recycling About To Hit The Fan?

    • Date: 02/08/18
    • Andrew Montford, GWPF

    More countries are cutting back on waste imports As we revealed in a recent report, a significant proportion of plastic said to be recycled has been shipped to the Far East where, because of the primitive nature of the waste management systems, a significant proportion ends up being dumped, burnt in open bonfires, or dumped […]

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  • Trump’s Nominated Science Czar Receives Broad Support, From Climate Sceptics To Alarmists

    • Date: 01/08/18
    • Michael Bastasch, The Daily Caller

    President Donald Trump will nominate meteorologist Kelvin Droegemeier to the long vacant post to head the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), an administration official said. An administration official told The Washington Post on Tuesday that Trump will soon send Droegemeier’s name to the Senate for consideration. If confirmed as science czar, Droegemeier will […]

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  • Wet & Cold: The Shape Of British Summers To Come?

    • Date: 28/07/18
    • The Guardian, 8 August 2012

    It’s been a dull, damp few months and some scientists think we need to get used to it. Melting ice in Greenland could be bringing permanent changes to our climate […] A series of unusually wet and cold summers has afflicted the UK for several years. Remember the devastating floods of 2007, when some areas […]

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  • ‘Worrying Trends’: Wind Energy Growth Drops 25% In The EU

    • Date: 26/07/18
    • ReNews

    Europe installed 4.5GW of new wind energy capacity in the first half of 2018, down 26% from the 6.1GW added in the same period last year, according to data from WindEurope. The drop on last year was expected, but the figures show some “worrying trends”, WindEurope said.     WindEurope chief policy officer Pierre Tardieu said growth […]

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  • Is The North Atlantic Shifting Into Cool Phase?

    • Date: 25/07/18
    • Ron Clutz, Science Matters

    For the last few years, observers have been speculating about when the North Atlantic will start the next phase shift from warm to cold. Source: Energy and Education Canada An example is this report in May 2015 The Atlantic is entering a cool phase that will change the world’s weather by Gerald McCarthy and Evan Haigh of […]

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  • Arctic Charlatans: Ice-Free-Arctic Predictions Are Fake Science At Its Best

    • Date: 21/07/18
    • No Tricks Zone

    Brimstone and fire predictions of an ice-free Arctic made 10 years ago by leading scientists, politicians and media outlets are emerging today as preposterous. Recently climate catastrophe non-believers have been pointing out that Arctic sea ice volume has been gaining over the past years and has not trended downward for some dozen years now. And […]

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  • “Climate-Driven” Water Crisis Wears Off After A Few Months

    • Date: 18/07/18
    • WattsUpWithThat?

    Cape Town’s reservoir levels are looking much healthier Back on March 1st, 2018 we were told this: Cape Town’s water crisis shows the reality for cities on the front line of climate change Today, a scant few months later, thanks to NASA’s Earth Observatory, we hear: Cape Town’s Reservoirs Rebound After nearly running dry six months ago, Cape Town’s […]

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  • New Evidence That the World Really Is Getting Better

    • Date: 15/07/18
    • Singularity Hub

    If you allow your perception of humanity to be shaped by the news, it is easy to lose sight of the narrative of human progress. Struggling democracies, suicide epidemics, climate change, and acts of violence are among the daily headlines that continue to overwhelm us with angst. It seems like every year is getting worse. […]

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