• The Neurobiology of Climate Change Denial

    • Date: 08/06/18
    • John Ridgway, Climate Scepticism

    Much work has already been undertaken to establish the cognitive foundation for the irrationality of climate change denial. Of particular note are the studies undertaken by Lewandowsky, Kahneman, Shapiro and O’Conner, identifying the many cognitive biases that invalidate arguments put forward by those who profess scepticism in the face of the scientific evidence. However, it […]

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  • Andrew Montford: Why Weather Apps Can’t Be Trusted

    • Date: 08/06/18
    • Andrew Montford, The Spectator

    The Times reports this morning that Bournemouth business leaders are hugely annoyed with the BBC, whose weather app predicted thick cloud and thunderstorms for the recent bank holiday. In the event, it was sunny and warm, but the damage had already been done, and takings on the seafront were said to be down by nearly 40 percent […]

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  • China Just Dealt a Massive Blow to the Solar Industry

    • Date: 07/06/18
    • Nasdaq

    The impact of China’s policy changes will be widespread, and no solar company will be spared. The solar industry has had an impressive run over the past year on strong demand for solar panels around the world. No country has been more aggressive in growing solar installations than China. Out of 99 gigawatts (GW) of […]

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  • Puffin’ Up The Global Warming Angle

    • Date: 04/06/18
    • Andrew Montford, GWPF

    Robin McKie, the Guardian’s science editor, has an article up about declines in British sea bird populations. Fair to say then that it’s pretty standard Guardian fare, not only because of the (allegedly) impending apocalypse, but also because of the lack of citations to back the alarming claims up. The claims about puffins are particularly […]

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  • Electric Vehicles Could Increase Net CO2 Emissions In India And China: IEA

    • Date: 30/05/18
    • Business Standard

    The International Energy Agency has said there will be a net increase in carbon emissions due to electric vehicles when considering life-cycle emissions in countries, like India and China, which have a carbon-intensive power generation mix. In its report on electric vehicle, IEA says under the New Policies Scenario, India will reach an 11 per […]

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  • Cities Vs. Big Oil: Judge Orders Plaintiffs To Find Benefits Of Fossil Fuels

    • Date: 29/05/18
    • OilPrice.com

    Judge William Alsup who is hearing a case brought by San Francisco and Oakland against five Big Oil companies, has given the plaintiffs and Chevron a homework assignment that suggests the end of the case may be near. The two municipalities and Chevron must evaluate the positive effects oil dependency has had on the U.S. economy. “We […]

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  • Tim Worstall: More Lies About Climate Change

    • Date: 24/05/18
    • Tim Worstall, Continental Telegraph

    I’m afraid so, we’ve yet another of these “scientific” reports insisting that we’re all going to end up boiling Flipper in the remains of the last ice floe. Entire, complete and gargling nonsense of course but they will keep repeating these claims. Earth’s climate could warm by as much as 4 degrees Celsius before the end […]

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  • How The Free Market Made US Government Regulations On CO2 Emissions Unnecessary

    • Date: 22/05/18
    • Hank Campbell, American Council on Science and Health

    In 2009 the U.S. government attended the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen and pledged to reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions 17 percent by 2020. To make it happen, the Obama administration directed the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to lead the way starting with carbon dioxide (CO2) and that resulted in the Clean Power Plan (CPP) […]

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