• The Sun Still Sulks

    • Date: 21/06/10

    As many thousands flock to Stonehenge for tomorrow’s summer solstice, this is a moment to ask for the umpteenth time what the Sun is up to. The mean sunspot number in June 2000 was 119, today it is 28, with the spots clustered in the northern region showing most magnetic activity. Since 2004 there have […]

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  • Scientists & Science Journalists – Please Grow Up

    • Date: 19/06/10

    The “screaming death spiral” scientist now admits he might have overstated the matter. I’m fascinated by the way people talk about climate change – what words they choose, what they don’t say, and whether their arguments are intellectually rigorous or emotionally manipulative. In this regard, the manner in which Arctic ice melt is presented by […]

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  • Sea-ice Modellers Open Up?

    • Date: 18/06/10

    An article in Wired magazine recounts how sea-ice modellers are sharing data and methods and are learning from each other in the process. It’s not obvious whether the sea-ice community have actually made their data and code open to the world or whether this is just a case of sharing within the community, but it’s a […]

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  • The Activists, The Poll & The Data

    • Date: 15/06/10

    “Global warming concerns rising in US” declared a headline on the website of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) last Thursday. If true, this in an important development. But the first clue that something may be amiss is provided by the fact that the news story lacks a byline (it isn’t attributed to a particular journalist). […]

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  • InterAcademy Council Shenanigans

    • Date: 13/06/10

    Marcel Crok of the Netherlands had an interesting exchange with the Netherlands-based InterAcademy Council this week – see his blog post here. Noticing that the InterAcademy Council’s IPCC Review was holding hearings in Montreal and that presenters were being imported from Europe (e.g. Robert Watson, Hans von Storch), Marcel wrote to the IAC at 4 pm […]

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  • Italian Green Jobs: Where’s The Spaghetti?

    • Date: 11/06/10

    Mr Lavecchia is a fellow and Dr. Stagnaro the research and studies director at Istituto Bruno Leoni. This post follows the release of their recent analysis for Italy showing that for every ‘green’ job created by government, 4.8 ‘gray’ jobs are lost in the private sector. Tradeoffs: if you chose this, you can’t chose that. In economics this […]

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  • Green Rent Seekers: ‘Nuclear Has No Chance In A Pure Marketplace Without A Carbon Tax’

    • Date: 08/06/10

    Two of the nation’s largest nuclear utilities are sounding a retreat from building new nuclear reactors in the near-term. In separate speeches Entergy CEO J. Wayne Leonard and Exelon CEO John Rowe said they do not want to take the risk of building new reactors. They cite the low price of natural gas, the lack […]

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  • The Most Useful Man Who Ever Lived

    • Date: 04/06/10

    […] James Watt’s life, from this perspective, is a synecdoche — a stand-in for the whole era of perpetual innovation known as the Industrial Revolution. His modest circumstances at birth, his apprenticeship and training in mathematics outside the traditional universities, his enormous success as an artisan-scientist-entrepreneur, and even his membership in the famous Lunar Society […]

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