• Europe’s Climate Policy: A Disaster In The Making

    • Date: 04/04/19
    • Neil Winton, Forbes

    The trouble is, the EU’s regulations to curb fuel consumption assume electric cars will be available to take up the slack. That is not a foregone conclusion. Buyers may simply shun them on grounds of price and utility. European auto makers face massive fines if they haven’t slashed the fuel consumption of their vehicles by […]

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  • The Revolt Of The Public

    • Date: 29/03/19
    • Robin Hanson, Overcoming Bias

    Martin Gurri’ book The Revolt of The Public and the Crisis of Authority in the New Millennium has gotten lots of praise. For example, Tyler: I am reading this splendid book for the first time. It basically explains why Brexit and Trump won, and what will happen next. Due to social media, we are disillusioned with […]

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  • Excellent News: All Climate Change Science Is Now Wrong

    • Date: 28/03/19
    • Tim Worstall, Continental Telegraph

    All current – all current political that is – climate science is now wrong. Felled by just that one inconvenient fact, we’re using less, not more, coal. Of course, there are those who have been saying that all climate change science has always been wrong but my statement is rather different, that even within the […]

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  • Ignore Climate Alarm: Ukraine’s Grain Harvest Hits Record High

    • Date: 27/03/19
    • Xinhua News

    Ukraine’s grain harvest last year hit a record high of 70.1 million tons thanks to a higher corn yield, the Agrarian Policy and Food Ministry said on Wednesday. In 2018, Ukrainian farmers reaped about 35.8 million tons of corn, 24.6 million tons of wheat and 7.3 million tons of barley, according to a report published […]

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  • The BBC’s Age of Denial

    • Date: 19/03/19
    • Paul Homewood, Not A Lot Of People Know That

    I doubt if a day goes past now without a blast of global warming propaganda from the BBC. Isabel Hardman has a new five-part series on Radio 4, called the Age of Denial. Although it covers all forms of denial, it is clearly aimed at climate sceptics, as this opening episode makes obvious: Hardman interviews Kari Marie […]

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  • US And EU CO2 Emissions Now Insignificant To Global Energy & Emissions Growth

    • Date: 17/03/19
    • Larry Hamlin, Watts Up With That

    Climate alarmist propaganda activists and their supporting media here in the U.S. and EU have perpetrated a badly flawed fiction that somehow the U.S. and EU have the ability to control how the rest of the world deals with future energy use and emissions growth. The hard and unequivocal reality is that neither the U.S. […]

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  • The Climate Debate Twenty Years Later

    • Date: 12/03/19
    • Master Resource

    “Better climate knowledge about natural versus anthropogenic forcing seems to a decade away.” That was the major takeaway from a major 1999 climate conference in Houston, Texas… … as noted by Martin Cassidy of the Houston Geological Society, who  authored a conference summary, “Global Climate Change: Panel Agrees: ‘In 10 Years We Will Know‘.” In fact, one […]

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  • Another Blue U.S. State Rejects Carbon Tax

    • Date: 11/03/19
    • Patrick Gleason, Forbes

    Climate activists are taking their proposals for new taxes and regulations to the U.S. state level, but they have been unable to get a carbon tax enacted, even in states where Democrats hold sway. AUGUSTA, Maine — The beginning of March brings bad news for carbon tax supporters, who have been successful in getting legislation […]

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