• Risk-Monger: Europe’s Neonic Ban Is A Costly Blunder

    • Date: 29/04/18
    • Risk-Monger

    Today was a sad day for European farmers and consumers as the neonic ban has been extended to all outside agricultural applications. So what will happen next? Well, farmers will first try applying older insecticides, more frequently and more expensively. There will be a great cost to soil and water, let alone bees as foliar […]

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  • Risk-Monger: Europe’s Neonic Ban Will A Costly Blunder

    • Date: 29/04/18
    • Risk-Monger

    This April 27 watershed will keep me busy for the rest of my life showing how the precautionary approach is a policy tool for cowards who don’t think. Today was a sad day for European farmers and consumers as the neonic ban has been extended to all outside agricultural applications. So what will happen next? […]

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  • The Great Earth Day Yawn

    • Date: 24/04/18
    • Steven Hayward, Power Lines

    Wait—yesterday was Earth Day! I must have yawned right through it. Like most Americans, if you go by the surveys showing increasing public indifference toward environmentalism. I used to make a big deal out of Earth Day, pointing out for years that the data in rich countries showed an almost unbroken record of significant environmental […]

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  • Green Mega-Flop: Germany’s Solar Industry Crashes And Burns

    • Date: 22/04/18
    • P Gosselin, No Tricks Zone

    Almost every single major German producer of solar systems has gone insolvent. Investors are flocking away in droves because of cancelled subsidies. New additional installations are hardly taking place. The first installations are now being taken offline and the share of solar power in Germany has fallen below 6 percent. Michael Kruger at German skeptic site Science […]

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  • Earth Day: 18 Spectacularly Wrong Eco-Predictions, Expect More This Year

    • Date: 21/04/18
    • Mark J. Perry, AEIdeas

    Here are 18 examples of spectacularly wrong predictions made around 1970 when the “green holy day” (aka Earth Day) started. Tomorrow (Sunday, April 22) is Earth Day 2018 and time for my annual Earth Day post….. In the May 2000 issue of Reason Magazine, award-winning science correspondent Ronald Bailey wrote an excellent article titled “Earth Day, Then and […]

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  • Imagine There’s A March For Science, And Hardly Anyone Turns Up

    • Date: 15/04/18
    • Jo Nova

    The turnout was so small, journalists didn’t even try to make up a number. Martin Place, Central Sydney — the raging crowd gathers to chant for Approved, Groupthink “Science” TM This was the second annual “March for Science“.  Apparently, 4,999,900 people had better things to do. March for politically correct science, 2018 This photo is patched together from the […]

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  • Put-Up-Or-Shut-Up Time For The Solar-Climate Theory

    • Date: 13/04/18
    • James A. Bacon, Bacon's Rebellion

    Here’s the nice thing about the sun-spot theory: It’s a testable hypothesis. We should be able to confirm or disprove the sun-spot hypothesis within a few years. I have frequently expressed skepticism of dire Global Warming scenarios by noting that the increase in global temperatures over the past 20 years fits the lowest range of […]

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  • Will Arctic Sea Ice Rebound As Atlantic Ocean Cools?

    • Date: 11/04/18
    • Paul Dorian, Vencore, Inc.

    Arctic sea ice extent has generally been below-normal since the middle 1990’s at which time the northern Atlantic Ocean switched sea surface temperature phases from cold-to-warm. It is likely to return to pre-mid 1990’s levels when the oceanic cycle flips back to a cold phase in coming years. Overview  While consistently at below-normal levels since the […]

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