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  • After El Nino Bleaching, Coral Reefs Begin To Recover

    • Date: 21/02/19
    • Maui Now
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    Nearly four years after the worst bleaching event in the state’s history, coral reefs in West Hawaiʽi are stabilizing and poised to recover, according to scientists from The Nature Conservancy. Higher than usual ocean water temperatures in 2015 caused the first statewide coral bleaching event. TNC surveys revealed that an average of 60% of corals […]

  • Strange Coral Spawning Improving Great Barrier Reef’s Resilience

    • Date: 07/08/19
    • University of Queensland
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    A phenomenon that makes coral spawn more than once a year is improving the resilience of the Great Barrier Reef. The discovery was made by University of Queensland and CSIRO researchers investigating whether corals that split their spawning over multiple months are more successful at spreading their offspring across different reefs. Dr Karlo Hock, from […]

  • Doubling of New Coral in Sub-Tropics

    • Date: 11/07/19
    • Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences
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    Corals are shifting away from equatorial regions, with the number of young corals declining in tropical reefs but increasing rapidly in more temperate regions. Coral reefs are retreating from equatorial waters and establishing new reefs in more temperate regions, according to new research in the journal Marine Ecology Progress Series. The researchers found that the number […]

  • Earth Could Be Facing Another Ice Age, Scientists Warn

    • Date: 31/10/19
    • Daily Mail
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    Scientists studying Antarctica sea ice warn a rise in accumulation could spark the next ice age. Computer simulations show that an explosion in ice circling the frozen desert would act as a lid on the ocean and block it from exchanging carbon dioxide with the atmosphere. This is capable of causing a reverse greenhouse effect, […]

  • Great Barrier Reef Is In Much Better Shape Than Climate Alarmists Claim, Australian Environment Minister Confirms

    • Date: 14/08/19
    • Graham Lloyd, The Australian
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    The Great Barrier Reef is not dead, is not dying and is not even on life support, federal Environment Minister Sussan Ley has declared after her first official visit to the World Heritage-listed site. Returning from a snorkelling trip to Moore and Flynn reefs offshore from Cairns, Ms Ley was happy yesterday to broadcast the […]

  • Matt Ridley: Rejoice In The Lush Global Greening

    • Date: 04/07/19
    • Matt Ridley, Die Weltwoche
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    CO2 is plant food. The greening of the earth means more food for animals and greater crop yields for humans. Why is no one talking about it? Amid all the talk of an imminent planetary catastrophe caused by emissions of carbon dioxide, another fact is often ignored: global greening is happening faster than climate change. […]

  • What Ever Happened To Monbiot’s Global Meltdown?

    • Date: 06/05/19
    • Paul Homewood, Not A Lot Of People Know That
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    Back in 1999, the Moonbat was warning us that the world was already collapsing around us thanks to climate change: Global warming means that flying across the Atlantic is now as unacceptable as child abuse By George Monbiot. Published in the Guardian 29th July 1999. The global meltdown has begun. Long predicted and long denied, […]

  • Peter Ridd’s Fight For Academic Freedom Begins In Court

    • Date: 26/03/19
    • The Australian
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    Lawyers acting for sacked James Cook University professor Peter Ridd say the university sought to turn its disciplinary process into a “star chamber” after he publicly criticised the institution and one of its star scientists over claims about the impact global warming had on the Great Barrier Reef. Professor Ridd, who worked at the university […]

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