Will U.S. Republicans Foil Obama’s Climate Plan?

  • Date: 04/01/16
  • Marlo Lewis, GlobalWarming.org

At the Paris climate conference, President Obama got exactly what he wanted: the framework for a multi-decade, global campaign of political pressure directed chiefly against Republicans and their fossil-fuel industry allies.

The Paris Agreement does not directly impose “legally binding” emission-reduction and “climate finance” commitments on the United States. But both conservative gloating and green grousing about the treaty being “toothless” overlook what matters most in climate policy: politics.

Obama will use the Agreement to claim that EPA’s Clean Power Plan and other elements of his climate agenda are promises America has made to the world. The Agreement, moreover, will establish the institutional framework for a global coalition of 190+ foreign leaders, legions of UN bureaucrats, scores of green pressure groups, and hundreds of corporate rent-seekers. The coalition will demand that future Congresses and the next president enact and adopt whatever additional laws and regulations are needed to meet Obama’s emission-reduction pledge — known in bureaucratic parlance as the U.S. “Nationally Determined Contribution” (NDC).

The Agreement contemplates that Parties will submit ever-more “ambitious” NDCs every five years. So the global coalition will be poised to demand that future U.S. NDCs also be turned into laws and regulations. No chains are as binding as those we forge for ourselves!

The Paris pressure cooker is recycled process socialism. There’s an old joke that socialism (spending other people’s money) would be fun if it weren’t for all the committee meetings. Actually, socialist leaders got their jollies at such meetings, which employed a confessional exercise called criticism and self-criticism to cure “false consciousness,” inculcate doctrinal conformity, and enhance understanding of and allegiance to “the plan.”

The parallel to the Paris regime is striking. The Agreement and accompanying “Decision of the Parties” envision endless rounds of meetings and reports. The incessant bureaucratic activity will facilitate the naming and shaming of Parties who doubt the so-called consensus of scientists, deviate from their five-year plans, or fail to demonstrate the desired climate “ambition.” […]

What Is to Be Done

GOP leaders can foil this plan to make U.S. climate and energy policy captive to foreign leaders, multilateral bureaucrats, and green pressure groups. But to do so they must launch a political counter-offensive. Their top priority should be to pass a Byrd-Hagel 2.0 resolution clarifying that the Paris Agreement is a treaty, hence is not a policy of the United States unless the U.S. Senate ratifies it. They should pass the resolution before President Obama signs the Agreement at a “high-level signature ceremony” hosted by the U.N. Secretary General on April 22.

Only then can they convincingly explain to the American people that Obama’s signature is just a proposal of a lame duck administration, not a promise America has made to the world.

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