Why Skeptics Hate Climate Skeptics

  • Date: 04/06/15
  • Planning Engineer, Climate Etc.

In recent years many “skeptics” have become vociferously critical of anyone who expresses any doubts toward any part of what they see as a climate consensus (both problems and cures). How did the skeptic community grow to take on this role?

This is off-topic from my usual posting areas, but I have supported, participated in and had considerable exposure over the years to the “skeptic movement”. This is from my personal observations and is not intended, and cannot be, a complete picture of the entire movement. I welcome perspectives from others that I may have missed.

Climate skeptics get a lot of grief. Much of it comes from the “skeptic movement”. People in the skeptic movement include people the denizens might know like Chris Mooney, the Bad Astronomer and perhaps this group operating as part of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (CSI) which proclaimed that “Deniers are not Skeptics”. Many within the “skeptic” community see so called deniers as anti-scientific and equate them with flat earthers, six day creationists and the anti-vax movement. I’m not sure of “official” positons, but in the ranks skeptics often react angrily to anyone minimizing fears of C02 or doubting the capability of renewable or battery technology. The word denier is tossed about casually to refer to anyone who cast aspersions or doubts around any of the finer points of climate activism. Skeptics have hosted Michael Mann at their meetings and praised him as a defender of scientific integrity. How did a group founded to combat claims of the paranormal evolve to becoming a support organization for an astronomer charging that Climate Change Denial is a Threat to National Security? If history were a little different perhaps the skeptic’s organizations would be challenging the climate mainstream.

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