UK Climate Minister Backs Fracking

  • Date: 11/01/17
  • Ben Webster, The Times

Fracking could give Britain a cheap and abundant source of home-produced energy and it would be “irresponsible to future generations” to ignore its potential benefits, according to the climate change minister.

Nick Hurd told MPs that exploring for shale gas was consistent with the government’s commitment to tackling climate change.

He appeared before the Commons business, energy and industrial strategy committee as protests continued near two sites in Lancashire and North Yorkshire earmarked for fracking.

Mr Hurd said: “I look at shale gas through the lens of energy security. We import a lot of gas. If we have got the capacity to generate our own gas in the country and we can do it cost effectively while reassuring people about the impact on the environment, I think it would be irresponsible to future generations not to answer the question ‘can we do it?’

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