The Climate Scare Overturning Circulation

  • Date: 24/03/15
  • Andrew Montford, Bishop Hill

Anthony Watts is having lots of fun with the latest scare paper that is doing the rounds of the media, which tries to breathe life into the somewhat hackneyed “ocean currents are about to halt” scare.

Published by Nature and with a team including Mann and Rutherford, you know the paper’s entertainment value is going to be high and the authors certainly don’t let us down, declaring on the basis of a proxy study (!) that ocean currents in the Atlantic are slowing down and everything is worse than we thought. But as Anthony points out, this is a stark contrast with an earlier observational paper by Rossby et al that found no evidence of any slowing at all. In fact there’s a bit of a mystery here:

Rahmstorf and Mann don’t list Rossby’s study in their references, nor seem to use the “highly accurate” ADCP data. Instead they use a model along with the highly interpolated GISS data to come to the conclusions they want.

You have to wonder how a paper that didn’t discuss recent key findings in the areas managed to find its way into print in the first place. But I guess this is Nature we are talking about. And climate change. And Michael Mann.

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