Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Green Splits Deepen After Copenhagen Fiasco

  • Date: 25/12/09

The Daily Telegraph: Have the green and development pressure groups completely lost the plot? It seems so from the way they have behaved over the Copenhagen climate summit.

So sunk are some in anti-Americanism after eight years of George W Bush that they seemed not to have noticed Barack Obama’s election, nor his courageous efforts – against the advice of many of his most senior staff – to tackle climate change in the depths of a recession.

All the evidence – including an account from the Left-wing New Statesman columnist Mark Lynas, who, as an adviser to the Maldives government, was at the heart of the bargaining – shows that it was China that ruined the talks. But Greenpeace announced that the US had “dragged the talks down”, while Christian Aid blamed rich countries’ “strong-arm tactics and instransigence”, singling out Obama for special condemnation.

I saw no pressure on China from these groups at the summit. On the contrary, some actually seemed to assist its wrecking tactics by making public leaked documents that helped destabilise the talks. And now that a deal has been patched together, which would provide help to vulnerable countries and offer an admittedly slender basis on which to rebuild, they have called for it to be scrapped, at a post-mortem meeting on Monday.

The ambassadors of the endangered Maldives and Bangladesh insisted that they needed the deal that was reached, but no matter. Instead of insisting that the glass is half full, “it is time to smash the glass”, retorted Action Aid. Perhaps oil giants like Exxon Mobil should soon start funding Greenpeace and co as “useful idiots”.

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