On Copenhagen, India flexible but won’t bend

  • Date: 30/11/09

Up against sustained pressure from developed countries, including the US, to settle for a political declaration at Copenhagen on climate change, India has made it clear that it will not pre-empt the negotiations and will continue to strive for a legally binding outcome based on the UN Framework for Climate Change and the Bali Action Plan.

This stands in contrast to the more accommodating gestures from China which announced yesterday that it planned to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and carbon intensity levels by 2020.

India is not keen to reveal its hand before the negotiations start at Copenhagen pointing out that it is only abiding by the decision taken at the recently concluded Barcelona preparatory meeting.

“We do not want to pre-empt the negotiations at Copenhagen. After all, we have time until the high-level meeting which does not begin till December 17. Let me remind you that we agreed in Barcelona to continue negotiations at Copenhagen,” said PM’s Special Envoy on Climate Change Shyam Saran when asked about reasons for India holding back from a consensus on a political declaration.


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