NOAA: Another Quiet Year For U.S. Tornadoes, And Much Weaker Than In The 1970s

  • Date: 24/06/17
  • Paul Homewood, Not A Lot Of People Know That

NOAA have been very slow in releasing the final tornado data for 2016, but it is finally out now. As the provisional indicated at the time, last year was another very quiet year for tornadoes, and continued the pattern of a lower level compared to the 1970s.


Perhaps even more marked is the decline in the number of really strong tornadoes.


There were no EF-5 events (the strongest category) at all last year, the third year in succession for that. There were also only two EF-4s, which normally average eight a year.

You would guess none of this from NOAA’s State of the Climate Report, which fraudulently includes the weakest EF-0 tornadoes.



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