Mary Dejevsky: Leadership Has Evaporated, There’s Panic In The Air

  • Date: 22/12/09

The Independent: Napoleon’s retreat from Moscow has nothing on the stumbling return of the climate-change crowd from Copenhagen. Angry, indignant and bedraggled, with nowhere to go but home, the troops are blaming the generals and the generals the troops. Leadership has evaporated; there’s panic in the air.

Ed Miliband, Britain’s Climate Change Secretary (is this a sensible title?), is blaming China – at least he’s not picking on the little ‘uns – while a grave Prime Minister intones “never again”. “Never again should we face the deadlock that threatened to bring down these talks; never again should we let a global deal… be held to ransom by only a handful of countries,” Gordon Brown said. In a podcast.

Small matter that a large part of the northern hemisphere has ground to a halt because of severe winter weather: early blizzards on the eastern seaboard of the US; traffic at a standstill in much of Britain; thousands stuck on the wrong side of the English Channel (fortunately no longer under it), and much of the rest of Europe frozen solid. Is it only die-hard warming sceptics who are wondering whether the climate might not be changing the other way? If so, then perhaps it’s for the best that Copenhagen “failed”.

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