Let’s Hear It For Energy Socialism!

  • Date: 23/04/16
  • John Hinderaker, Power Line

Venezuela, one of the world’s most oil-rich countries, can’t keep the lights on. The country’s socialist government has announced that Venezuelans will now be entirely without power for four hours a day.

But that’s not the worst of it: they will have to sit in the dark without beer:

As Venezuelans digest news that they’ll have no power for hours a day, they also may have to do without beer from the country’s largest brewer, Polar.

In a statement, Empresas Polar SA says it has enough raw materials to last only until April 29, because a dollar shortage is keeping it from buying foreign grain. The company says it is suspending production of beer and malt, which will impact 10,000 employees.

Polar “produces 80% of the country’s beer,” according to the BBC.

Let’s hear it for socialism!

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