Increase In Green Taxes ‘Will Hit The Poor’

  • Date: 01/07/10

A hidden tax on utility bills is set to double over the next decade, new research has found.

Britons with tax jobs may be expected to see their clients forking out £176 a year in the next ten years on their energy bills, up from the £84 they currently pay annually, according to the research by uSwitch.

The tax is designed to go towards combating the effects of climate change, with the Treasury now reported to be considering adding an additional levy on electricity bills that could add a further £10-£20 to bills.

Director at Mark Todd called the duty “regressive” and warned that it would present the most challenges for the poorest in the UK.

“It’s like VAT rise it gets levied on every household. The poorest will actually get hit the hardest. Energy is an essential. You can’t really do without light or warmth,” he explained.

The tax goes partly towards subsidising the government’s green energy schemes.

Integral News, 30 June 2010


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