Governor Says Florida Did Not Ban The Phrase ‘Climate Change’

  • Date: 10/03/15
  • Thomas Richard, The Examiner

The Miami Herald published a story Sunday that Gov. Rick Scott had banned the use of phrases like global warming and climate change, based on statements by former employees. The only problem: it’s not true. At least according to Gov. Rick Scott.

On Monday, Scott denied that the administration in his Department of Environmental Protection were ever banned from using those terms. “It’s not true,” Scott told reporters in Hialeah. He said no such policy existed. While not going into specifics, he maintained the allegations were false.

A search of the DEP’s website revealed hundreds of instances of the phrases “climate change” and “global warming,” and the accusations were made by former employees of DEP that were fired or laid off. Based on the reporting by the Florida Center for Investigative Reporting, which bills itself as a non-partisan investigative agency, the accusations appeared to be an orchestrated attempt by ex-employees to disgrace a sitting governor.

The day after the Miami Herald article was published, “State Democrats emailed a fundraising pitch to supporters Monday noting Scott’s climate-change position. The email was titled, ‘Is he serious?'”

While it’s no secret that Gov. Scott has said in the past that he is “not a scientist” when asked about the validity of man-made global warming, at no time did Scott order those phrases banned, or “scrubbed” from documents. In fact, the Herald story said it was verbally communicated and came from the top.

The Sunday Herald story was picked up and circulated widely by other newspapers, who reported the story verbatim, creating a bit of a firestorm for the Scott administration.

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