Government Must ‘Speed Up Shale Exploration’, Urges Think Tank

  • Date: 08/08/16
  • Lois Vallely, Utility Week

The Global Warming Policy Forum has called on prime minister Theresa May to speed up shale gas exploration in order to establish the full extent of the UK’s resources.

GWPF director Benny Peiser said that the last two governments under David Cameron “failed to get any shale gas out of the ground”, despite repeated claims that it would ‘go all out for shale’.

“Theresa May now has a golden opportunity to reset UK energy policy and demonstrate that she can deliver where her predecessor failed,” he said.

The government has today (8 August) announced plans to change the Shale Wealth Fund proposals to include the option to give more of the proceeds directly to local residents.

Communities could receive up to 10 per cent of tax revenues derived from shale exploration in their area to spend on priorities such as local infrastructure and skills training. The new fund could deliver up to £10 million per eligible community.

The government will also consider whether this approach to the Shale Wealth Fund can be a model for other community benefit schemes to “put more control and more resource in the hands of local households”.

GWPF hailed the plan as a “sensible step to break the decade-long logjam” in shale development.

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