Global Temperature Report – August 2014

  • Date: 04/10/14
  • Paul Homewood, Not A Lot Of People Know That

There has been reference at various times this year to “record temperatures”. In reality though, temperatures are only slightly up on last year on GISS, while UAH is exactly the same as they showed for 2013.

RSS figures are already out for September, virtually unchanged from August at 0.21C, which will bring the average anomaly so far this year a bit lower still.

Meanwhile both satellite datasets show YTD anomalies well below those of 2010, 0.16C and 0.21C for UAH and RSS respectively.

August 2014 0.19 0.20 0.70 0.75
Change from last month -0.16 -0.10 +0.17 +0.10
12 month running average 0.23 0.26 0.65 0.68
Average 2004-13 0.23 0.19 0.59 0.59
12 month average – 1981-2010 Baseline 0.13 0.26 0.25 0.24



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