Climate Scandal Hits Capitol Hill

  • Date: 03/12/09

Associated Press: WASHINGTON | House Republicans said e-mails leaked from climate scientists were evidence of corruption. Administration scientists disagreed and said the situation doesn’t change the fact that the world is warming.

The e-mails from a British university were obtained by hackers and posted online about two weeks ago. Climate change skeptics contend the messages show researchers manipulated and suppressed data to stifle dissent.

In the first Capitol Hill airing of the issue, House Republicans Wednesday read excerpts from the e-mails, saying they showed global warming science should be re-examined. One e-mail from 2003 was by John Holdren, President Barack Obama’s science adviser.

The controversy led Phil Jones to step aside as head of the climate research unit at the University of East Anglia, the source of the e-mails. The university is investigating.

House Republicans asked for a separate hearing or investigation, but were rebuffed by Democrats.

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