• BBC Finds Lord Deben Guilty Of Misleading Public

    • Date: 12/10/18
    • Gaia Fawkes

    Lord Deben, the Chairman of the influential Committee on Climate Change, has been found guilty by the BBC Executive Complaints Unit of misleading listeners of the Today Programme. The former Environment Secretary claimed that the government were preventing communities that want to build onshore wind farms from doing so: “What on earth is the government doing, saying that […]

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  • Most UK Newspapers Ignore IPCC Report On Their Frontpages

    • Date: 08/10/18

    Today’s frontpages of most UK newspapers ignore the new IPCC report, reflecting the declining concern of most Brits about the climate agenda – despite the habitual alarm.   UK Survey: Brits Are Chilled About Global Warming Press Release, Global Warming Policy Forum, 11 July 2018 Few Britons have major concerns over climate change The latest British […]

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  • At Last: UK Shale Gas Fracking To Start Next Week

    • Date: 05/10/18
    • Reuters

    Shale gas developer Cuadrilla Resources will start fracking for gas at its Preston New Road site in northwest England next week, the company said on Friday. Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, involves extracting gas from rocks by breaking them up with water and chemicals at high pressure. It was halted in Britain seven years ago after […]

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  • UK Coal Revival Reverses Gains In Green Power Drive

    • Date: 28/09/18
    • Financial Times

    Wholesale price of less-polluting natural gas is soaring a result. Coal burning for power generation by utilities is therefore likely to continue. The world’s largest offshore wind farm, capable of providing electricity for 600,000 homes, was officially opened this month. Claire Perry, UK energy minister, hailed the Walney Extension, off the north-west coast of England, as […]

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  • Jeremy Corbyn To Announce £50 Billion Plan To Blitz Britain With Wind Turbines And Solar Panels

    • Date: 26/09/18
    • The Sun

    Jeremy Corbyn will today announce a plan to blitz the country with wind turbines and solar panels that will cost taxpayers billions. The hard left Labour leader’s “green revolution” to curb climate change and create 400,000 jobs at the same time will be unveiled in his annual conference speech. Jeremy Corbyn will unveil his plans […]

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  • Shale Revolution Could Trigger Lancashire’s Economic Renaissance

    • Date: 25/09/18
    • Lee Petts, Lancashire Business View

    Lancashire is no stranger to industrial and energy ‘firsts’, and it’s currently on the cusp of another that has more potential to transform the county’s economy than anything else right now: shale gas. By Lee Petts, chairman, Lancashire for Shale Cuadrilla has completed the drilling of the UK’s first horizontal shale gas wells at its Preston […]

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  • Cuadrilla To Start Fracking In England In Weeks

    • Date: 20/09/18
    • Reuters

    LONDON, Sept 19 (Reuters) – Shale gas developer Cuadrilla will start fracking at its Preston New Road site in northwest England in the next few weeks, it said on Wednesday as it announced government approval for a second well. Hydraulically fracturing, or fracking, involves extracting gas from rocks by breaking them up with water and […]

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  • Old King Coal Is Back As Gas Costs Rise

    • Date: 19/09/18
    • The Times

    High gas prices have triggered a resurgence in electricity generation from coal as it becomes the cheaper option. Britain could see its first increase in carbon emissions in six years if coal-fired power plants continue to undercut gas ones, according to Imperial College London. Coal plants were the biggest source of electricity as recently as […]

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