• Green Madness: EU Sticks To Carbon Reporting Deadlines, Rejects Industry Calls For Coronavirus Delay

    • Date: 27/03/20
    • Reuters

    BRUSSELS – A European Union deadline of April 30 for firms to surrender emissions trading system (ETS) carbon allowances will stand, despite calls for extensions from some industry groups due to the coronavirus pandemic. Industry, utilities and airlines running flights in Europe must report their ETS emissions for the previous calendar year by 31 March, […]

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  • Give Britain A Break: Suspend £15 Billion A Year Energy Policy Costs To Help Households and Businesses

    • Date: 24/03/20
    • Press Release, Global Warming Policy Forum

    London, 24 March: The Global Warming Policy Forum is calling on the Government to suspend all energy policy costs for the duration of the pandemic to relieve the burden for households and businesses during this unprecedented crisis. * A civil emergency requires firm government measures in all areas and energy is no exception. * Britain […]

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  • COP26 Climate Summit May Have To Be Delayed, UK Warns

    • Date: 20/03/20
    • London Evening Standard

    International climate change talks scheduled to take place later this year in Glasgow may have to be postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has warned. Mr Raab said the Government had not given up hope that it could still host the COP26 summit in November as planned, but warned that it would be […]

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  • UN Climate Summit Under Threat Because Of Coronavirus

    • Date: 18/03/20
    • Financial Times

    November conference likely to be postponed following travel bans and border closures International climate talks scheduled for Glasgow in November have been thrown into doubt as the global clampdown on travel intensifies because of the coronavirus pandemic. Government officials said it was increasingly likely that the annual UN gathering would be postponed given the fast-changing […]

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  • Technology, Ingenuity And Cooperation Will Defeat The Pandemic

    • Date: 16/03/20
    • Chelsea Follett, Cato at Liberty

    The threat from COVID-19 should be taken seriously, but there are reasons for rational optimism even during a pandemic. The pandemic caused by the new coronavirus (COVID-19) from Wuhan, China, is now a serious and global problem. And that problem has been made even worse by a culture of constant alarmism making it hard to distinguish real threats from […]

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  • New Carbon Tax Will Cost Local Councils And House Buyers £1.6 Billion

    • Date: 16/03/20
    • Press Release, Global Warming Policy Forum

    London, 16 March: Local councils and house buyers have been warned that they are the first to feel the £1.6 billion cost of the Chancellor’s new carbon tax which was buried in the small print of his Budget.  According to a cost analysis by the Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF), the Budget shows clear signs […]

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  • The Great Dread: Cultural and Psychological Impacts and Responses to the ‘Russian’ Influenza in the United Kingdom, 1889–1893

    • Date: 14/03/20
    • Mark Honigsbaum, Social History of Medicine, August 2010

    The ‘Russian’ influenza across Europe and the morbidity of leading politicians and other members of the British establishment occasioned widespread ‘dread’ and in some cases panic. Some 125,000 Britons perished in the pandemic. This dread of influenza was fuelled by the high mortality rate in northern towns such as Sheffield, as well as by the […]

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  • Extinction Rebellion Plans For ‘Public Suicides’ At Glasgow Climate Summit

    • Date: 12/03/20
    • David Rose, The Scottish Mail on Sunday

    Extinction Rebellion leaders are considering a series of ‘extreme’ protests to disrupt this year’s UN climate change summit in Glasgow – including a possible hunger strike that ends in death or a demonstrator publicly committing suicide. The activists are also proposing to spray traffic lights black, close motorways and road tunnels and carry out ‘industrial […]

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