• Big Breakthrough: Cuadrilla Extracts First Shale Gas At English Fracking Site

    • Date: 02/11/18
    • Reuters

    LONDON (Reuters) – Cuadrilla extracted its first shale gas from its site in northwest England, it said on Friday, after it began fracking operations there just over two weeks ago. Cuadrilla said the gas flows were small but coming at such an early stage of the project were evidence of the potential of the site. […]

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  • More Misleading Alarmism From BBC And Met Office

    • Date: 02/11/18
    • Paul Matthews, Climate Scepticism

    The BBC Radio 4 headline at 7am this morning opened with “The Met Office says Britain’s weather is becoming more extreme” Yes, this was top of the headline news. The news bulletin then started with “A new Met Office report says the UK has experienced more weather extremes over the past ten years than in previous decades.” […]

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  • As Public Gets Used To Micro-Tremors Cuadrilla Wants Relaxation Of Quake Rules

    • Date: 30/10/18
    • The Times

    A fracking company is calling for the safety limits on earthquakes caused by its activity to be relaxed after it was forced to stop work because of a small tremor for the second time in four days. Cuadrilla caused what is described as a “microseismic event” measuring 1.1 on the Richter scale at Preston New […]

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  • GWPF Welcomes Investigation Into BBC Impartiality

    • Date: 26/10/18
    • Press Release, Global Warming Policy Forum

    The Global Warming Policy Forum has welcomed Ofcom’s announcement that it is to launch an investigation into BBC impartiality. The GWPF has been a prominent critic of the BBC’s habitual bias in its reporting of renewable energy, climate change and climate policy, and in particular its lack of viewpoint diversity among its environmental journalists. Speaking about the Ofcom announcment, GWPF director, Dr […]

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  • David Henderson, Head Of Economics At The OECD Who Criticised ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ And Climate Alarmism: Obituary

    • Date: 25/10/18

    David Henderson, who has died aged 91, served as head of the Economics and Statistics Department of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in Paris from 1983 to 1992; a Keynesian turned free market liberal, he became an outspoken critic of the type of sloppy policymaking in which “virtue signalling” is prized over economic […]

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  • UK Recycling Industry Under Investigation For Fraud And Corruption

    • Date: 19/10/18
    • The Guardian

    UK watchdog examining claims plastic waste is not being recycled but left to leak into rivers and oceans The plastics recycling industry is facing an investigation into suspected widespread abuse and fraud within the export system amid warnings the world is about to close the door on UK packaging waste, the Guardian has learned. The Environment […]

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  • UK Shale Gas Fracking Has Started

    • Date: 16/10/18
    • BBC News

    Fracking for shale gas has begun for the first time in the UK since 2011. Energy firm Cuadrilla confirmed the controversial process had started at its site in Little Plumpton, Lancashire after a legal challenge failed on Friday. Protester Ginette Evans said there was a “mood of disappointment” but insisted the fight was “not over”. Cuadrilla insisted […]

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  • British Government Axes Green Cars Subsidies

    • Date: 13/10/18
    • Huffington Post

    Bad news if you want to go green but don’t have thousands of pounds to spend on a car – the Department for Transport has cut a grant for new electric and hybrid cars making them even more expensive. The UK government had been funding a subsidy to make them more affordable, with the most eco-friendly […]

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