• Climate-Change Policies Threatening British Jobs

    • Date: 11/04/10

    A new report from the independent think tank Civitas reveals that the increased costs of energy arising from the Government’s ‘green’ energy policies are set to increase significantly. In British Energy Policy And The Threat To Manufacturing Industry, Ruth Lea and Jeremy Nicholson examine the impact of Government policy on energy prices. They argue that […]

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  • Carl Mortished: We’re On A Green Road To Hell

    • Date: 10/04/10

    Don’t give way to petrol pump rage this weekend. If you don’t like paying 120p for a litre of road fuel, get used to it. Get used to 130p per litre. It is now policy that you should be gouged. It is not just government policy but universal public policy. Everyone (meaning everyone who matters, […]

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  • New Carbon Rules Raise Home Costs

    • Date: 06/04/10

    Home buyers face having to pay up to £8,000 more per new property under green targets imposed by the Scottish Government, the construction industry has warned. Regulations unveiled yesterday will massively increase building costs as housing developers struggle to reduce carbon emissions, according to the UK industry body, the Home Builders Federation. Homes for Scotland, […]

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  • Is Gordon Brown Proposing To Print Climate Money?

    • Date: 05/04/10

    ADDIS ABABA, April 5 — Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi says the high level Advisory Group on Climate Change Financing has identified various financial sources to help developing countries combat climate change and set directives for further activities. Meles and British Prime Minister Gordon Brown co-chaired the first meeting of the group held in London last […]

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  • Will Green Britain Betray Developing World?

    • Date: 05/04/10

    The Government is considering blocking an aid project to provide reliable coal-fired electricity for millions of South Africans after coming under intense pressure from green groups in the run-up to the election. On Thursday, Britain will cast the deciding vote on whether the World Bank should grant a $3.7 billion (£2.4 billion) loan to allow […]

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  • Climate Change Act Will Cost Britain Hundreds Of Billions

    • Date: 03/04/10

    One of the best-kept secrets of British politics – although it is there for all to see on a Government website – is the cost of what is by far the most expensive piece of legislation ever put through Parliament. Every year between now and 2050, acccording to Ed Miliband’s Department for Energy and Climate […]

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  • Brave New World: Carbon Inspectors Will Force Companies To Reduce Emissions

    • Date: 01/04/10

    A team of government carbon inspectors is being formed to compel thousands of British companies to disclose full details of their annual carbon emissions under a mandatory new scheme launched today. The Environment Agency inspectors will be equipped with powers to visit offices and factories, view documents and impose stiff fines on companies that understate […]

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  • UK Government Offers To Revive Kyoto Protocol (No Joke)

    • Date: 31/03/10
    • Another test source

    Britain said on Wednesday it wanted to break the deadlock in U.N. climate talks by supporting the continuation of the existing emissions-cutting Kyoto pact from 2013 under a wider deal involving all countries. That differs from the official European Union position, which is to prefer a single treaty replacing the Kyoto Protocol, in order to engage […]

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