• UK Reveals Sharp Fall In Green Share Of Energy Mix

    • Date: 26/06/10

    The UK Government has announced a drop in the share of electricity generated from all renewable sources of nearly 7 per cent. Despite a year-on-year increase of nearly a third of onshore wind power generation, the total amount supplied in the first quarter of 2010 as part of all sources fell by 6.6 percent. The […]

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  • DECC And Defra Face Big Cuts In Non-Green Budget

    • Date: 23/06/10

    Chancellor George Osborne delivered his emergency Budget today, with barely a mention of green measures, but promising big spending cuts for Government departments, including those charged with delivering a low carbon Britain. Introducing it as a “tough but also fair” Budget, Osborne unveiled plans to raise taxes – including a rise in value added tax […]

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  • Osborne Shuns Low Carbon Agenda In Non-Green Budget

    • Date: 22/06/10

    Chancellor George Osborne has today left low carbon businesses disappointed with arguably the least green budget address in recent memory. The low carbon economy and the need to cut carbon emissions barely received a mention as the chancellor’s first budget address focused almost exclusively on the spending cuts and tax rises required to tackle the […]

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  • Plant Scientists: ‘UK Crop Yields Unaffected By Climate Change’

    • Date: 21/06/10

    FEARS that climate change will seriously affect crop yields in Britain by encouraging diseases are unfounded, scientists at Harpenden’s Rothamsted Research have discovered. Oil seed rape, the crop which carpets much of Hertfordshire in yellow in the summer, suffers from a disease that affects yield known as phoma stem canker, predicted to spread as the […]

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  • Britain’s Wind Scam Worse Than Thought

    • Date: 20/06/10

    Energy firms will receive thousands of pounds a day per wind farm to turn off their turbines because the National Grid cannot use the power they are producing. Critics of wind farms have seized on the revelation as evidence of the unsuitability of turbines to meet the UK’s energy needs in the future. They claim […]

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  • Climate Minister: Britons Are ‘Inherently Sceptical’ Of Climate Science And Politics

    • Date: 17/06/10

    High levels of scepticism and indifference among Britons continue to dog efforts to get the country to go greener, a Europe-wide study has concluded. We continue to lag behind other major nations in our attitude to and appetite for tackling climate change. Less than a third of Britons believe the issue is ‘serious and urgent’ […]

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  • Government Promises To Increase Energy Costs To Make Nuclear Competitive

    • Date: 16/06/10

    Nuclear power can play a key role in the U.K.’s future energy mix, Minister Charles Hendry told executives from Electricite de France SA, Centrica Plc and other utilities. While the new coalition government won’t subsidize the industry, it will remove regulatory barriers and encourage nuclear power by establishing a minimum price for carbon, the energy […]

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  • Government’s Zero Carbon Building Targets Unattainable, Industry Survey

    • Date: 15/06/10

    The biggest ever survey of the UK development industry, released today, shows that approximately three-quarters – which accounts for nearly half of all UK carbon emissions – do not believe the Government’s current zero carbon targets for the sector are realistic. Meeting these targets will be essential if the UK is to meet its national […]

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