• Police Ban Extinction Rebellion Protesters From London

    • Date: 15/10/19
    • City A.M.

    Police have spent the night clearing Extinction Rebellion protesters from Trafalgar Square after banning the activists from London. The Metropolitan Police started the eviction at around 10pm, after earlier this week attempting to confine protests to Trafalgar Square. Extinction Rebellion denounced the move as “draconian” and called it an “outrage” after climate change demonstrators spent […]

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  • Green Electricity Costs Each UK Household £340 Per Year

    • Date: 14/10/19
    • Press Release, Global Warming Policy Forum

    Full cost of living impact of renewables subsidies revealed At a time when the press is awash with naively reported good news about the proportion of renewables in British electricity generation, it is important to recall that this “success” comes at a huge cost to consumers, about £9 billion a year at present, and still rising. […]

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  • £28 Billion: UK Faces Huge Loss From Electric Vehicle Adoption

    • Date: 13/10/19
    • OilPrice.com

    If Great Britain keeps its commitment to switch over its vehicles to electric by 2050, the government will see a whopping loss of 28 billion pounds ($35 billion) paid by motorists driving traditional gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles. That comes from a study released Friday by London-based Institute for Fiscal Studies examining the impact of the UK’s net-zero […]

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  • Extinction Rebellion Founder Blasted For ‘Blind Hypocrisy’ After 11,000-Mile Flight For Luxury Holiday

    • Date: 13/10/19
    • The Sun

    A Founder of the Extinction Rebellion eco-protests was accused of “blind hypocrisy” last night as it was revealed she jetted to a luxury break in Central America despite leading calls for a “rapid reduction” in air travel. Gail Bradbrook clocked up 11,000 air miles as she flew to Costa Rica for a week’s £2,500 stay […]

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  • Green Flop: It’s All Over For Britain’s Very Own Electric Car

    • Date: 10/10/19
    • The Times

    Dyson, the British company best known for its vacuum cleaners, has abandoned a £2.5 billion project to build electric cars. The company, headed by the inventor Sir James Dyson, said that its engineers had developed a “fantastic electric car” but that it would not go into production because it was not “commercially viable”. In October […]

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  • Police Accused Of ‘Losing Control’ Of Climate Protest As Government Is Urged To Step In

    • Date: 09/10/19
    • The Daily Telegraph

    Cressida Dick was today accused of allowing Extinction Rebellion protesters to take control of the police. Members of the House of Lords urged the Government to step in and take urgent action as protesters disrupted Westminster for a second day, pitching tents and gluing themselves to buildings. The former speaker of the House of Commons, Baroness […]

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  • Boris Johnson Slams Extinction Rebellion’s ‘Nose-Ringed Crusties In Hemp-Smelling Bivouacs’

    • Date: 08/10/19
    • Daily Mail

    Eco-activists who left London in chaos today were branded ‘crusties’ and ‘importunate nose-ringed climate change protesters’ by Boris Johnson. The Prime Minister told Extinction Rebellion demonstrators to ‘stop blocking the traffic’ as the city centre ground to a halt despite a massive police presence. Officers arrested 321 protesters who closed bridges and major roads on […]

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  • Was Margaret Thatcher The First Climate Sceptic?

    • Date: 08/10/19
    • Christopher Booker, The Daily Telegraph

    Margaret Thatcher was the first leader to warn of global warming – but also the first to see the flaws in the climate change orthodoxy A persistent claim made by believers in man-made global warming – they were at it again last week – is that no politician was more influential in launching the worldwide […]

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