• The Great Russian Heat Wave of 2010

    • Date: 13/08/10

    The longer and deadlier the heat wave in western Russia becomes, the more frequently it is being linked to anthropogenic global warming. But global warming theory doesn’t come anywhere close to explaining why it’s so darn hot this summer in Moscow. Long-term observations suggest a more basic cause—an unusual and unprecedented (at least since 1950) confluence of […]

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  • Antarctic Questions

    • Date: 09/08/10

    It is said frequently that the climatic data for Antarctica for the past 30 years – the period for which records are far superior to previous times – shows clear signs of mankind’s influence. However, it is important to look at such changes in a historical context. This is important else we attribute any and […]

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  • Erasing El Nino

    • Date: 02/08/10

    The annual “State of the Climate” report for the previous year which is included as a special supplement to the Bulletin of the American Meteorolgical Society was published recently. Responding to the various press releases issued about the report, written by NOAA, the news media said it was a clear example of accelerated global warming […]

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  • Marine Life Survived 8X Current CO2 Levels

    • Date: 29/07/10

    Throughout Earth’s history, there is evidence of large carbon dioxide releases, greenhouse conditions, ocean acidification, and major changes in marine life. About 120 million years ago (mya), during the early part of the Cretaceous period, a series of massive volcanic eruptions pumped huge amounts of carbon dioxide into Earth’s atmosphere. During the Aptian Oceanic Anoxic […]

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  • Exactly What We Need: UK To Open Earth Observation Hub

    • Date: 21/07/10

    Science minister David Willetts is to announce a new UK centre for monitoring the Earth from space. The Earth observation hub will focus on acquiring environmental data, such as information on deforestation and the impact of climate change. The hub will be based at the International Space Innovation Centre (ISIC) at Harwell in Oxfordshire, which […]

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  • Will the Amazon rainforest survive?

    • Date: 20/07/10

    A flurry of stories about the rainforests confirms that the proper concern about tropical deforestation has been thoroughly confused by improper attempts to invoke man-made global warming. Before turning to thunderstorms felling trees,  let’s start with the big picture of expectations, past and present, for the Amazon rainforest. For more than 30 years, large-scale assessments […]

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  • New Carbon Cycle Data Casts Doubt On Climate Models

    • Date: 12/07/10

    Many factors and feedback mechanisms are involved in the climatic response to increasing carbon dioxide levels. The uncertainties in these effects, and our general ignorance, make it almost impossible to predict what will happen to the Earth’s ecosystems as temperature increases. This has not stopped some predicting on the basis of climate models that the […]

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  • Ocean CO2 Storage Revised

    • Date: 12/07/10

    The ocean is Earth’s largest single sink for CO2 outside of the planet’s crust itself. Simple sea creatures depend on carbon dissolved in the ocean’s water for their existence, and their actions create a biological carbon “pump” that removes vast quantities of CO2 from the atmosphere. Large amounts are suspended in the water column as […]

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