• Solar Speculation

    • Date: 08/10/10

    Who was it that said that the good thing about science was that you get such a lot of speculation from such a small number of facts? The recent paper by Haigh et al concerning measurements of the solar spectrum is an excellent example. This interesting paper and what it actually said has been lost […]

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  • Nothing Wrong With Our Graph

    • Date: 01/10/10

    The GWPF’s graph, displayed on the GWPF’s homepage masthead, showing that the global average annual temperature hasn’t changed this century, drawn against a nice blue backdrop, is making a few people see red. Why this is I don’t exactly know as their logic, in contrast to their anger, isn’t entirely clear. Perhaps it is because […]

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  • Sea Level Rise Due To Groundwater Extraction

    • Date: 29/09/10

    Large-scale groundwater extraction for irrigation, drinking water or industry results in an annual rise in sea levels of approximately 0.8 mm, accounting for about one-quarter of total annual sea-level rise (3.1 mm). According to hydrologists from Utrecht University and the research institute Deltares, the rise in sea levels can be attributed to the fact that […]

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  • Look Twice At Climate Change Data

    • Date: 20/09/10

    There has recently been some discussion, already mentioned in ‘The Observatory,’ about a finding that the Greenland Ice Cap and part of the Antarctic Ice Cap are not melting as fast as once suggested. The conclusion was based on a new method of analysing data from the pair of GRACE gravity measuring satellites. However, it […]

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  • Ice Caps Melting Far Slower Than Predicted‎

    • Date: 07/09/10

    The Greenland and West Antarctic ice caps are melting at half the speed previously predicted. This finding has emerged from research by a joint US/Dutch team from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, TU Delft and SRON. The scientists have published their findings in the September issue of Nature Geoscience.

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  • Climate Change Not Linked To African Wars

    • Date: 06/09/10

    In his popular 2008 book Climate Wars, the US journalist and military historian Gwynne Dyer laid out a daunting scenario. Climate change would put growing pressure on fresh water and food over the coming century, he wrote, triggering social disorder, mass migration and violent conflict. But is there real proof of a link between climate change […]

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  • Sun-Earth Coupling

    • Date: 01/09/10

    Our understanding of the influence of solar short-wavelength radiation on the Earth’s upper atmosphere is poorer than many realise. It is a significant area of research as some scientists believe that solar short-wave variations play a greater role in climatic variations than an initial analysis of the amplitude of those variations suggests, especially because of […]

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  • Ice Sheet Loss Cut In Half

    • Date: 27/08/10

    Much concern has been raised by climate scientists regarding ice loss from the world’s two remaining continental ice sheets. Rapid loss of ice-mass from the glaciers of Greenland and Antarctica are cited as proof positive of global warming’s onslaught. The latest measurements involve the use of satellite gravimetry, estimating the mass of terrain beneath by […]

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