• Will the Amazon rainforest survive?

    • Date: 20/07/10

    A flurry of stories about the rainforests confirms that the proper concern about tropical deforestation has been thoroughly confused by improper attempts to invoke man-made global warming. Before turning to thunderstorms felling trees,  let’s start with the big picture of expectations, past and present, for the Amazon rainforest. For more than 30 years, large-scale assessments […]

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  • New Carbon Cycle Data Casts Doubt On Climate Models

    • Date: 12/07/10

    Many factors and feedback mechanisms are involved in the climatic response to increasing carbon dioxide levels. The uncertainties in these effects, and our general ignorance, make it almost impossible to predict what will happen to the Earth’s ecosystems as temperature increases. This has not stopped some predicting on the basis of climate models that the […]

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  • Ocean CO2 Storage Revised

    • Date: 12/07/10

    The ocean is Earth’s largest single sink for CO2 outside of the planet’s crust itself. Simple sea creatures depend on carbon dissolved in the ocean’s water for their existence, and their actions create a biological carbon “pump” that removes vast quantities of CO2 from the atmosphere. Large amounts are suspended in the water column as […]

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  • Solar Influences

    • Date: 02/07/10

    In the early 1990’s a paper by Christensen was published that showed a striking correlation between the length of the sun’s sunspot cycle and the global average annual temperature, Fig 1. The shorter the cycle (short cycles are more intense) the higher was the earth’s annual temperature. It seemed to indicate that the sun was […]

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  • Ocean Conveyor Belt Dismissed

    • Date: 30/06/10

    After nearly 50 years of acceptance, the theory that a great ocean “conveyor belt” continuously circulates water around the globe in an orderly fashion has been dismissed by a leading oceanographer. According to a review article in the journal Science, a number of studies conducted over the past few years have challenged this paradigm. Oceanographers have […]

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  • Arctic Sea-Ice Recovery

    • Date: 23/06/10

    New research suggests that the decrease in sea-ice seen in recent years in the Arctic may not be as bad as some have suggested. Summer Arctic sea-ice has been decreasing in extent for the past three decades, estimated at about 11 per cent a decade, although there are large interannual and regional variations. In September […]

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  • Glacier Retreat Not All Due To Mankind

    • Date: 17/06/10

    Glaciers have been in the news a lot recently after the IPCC mistakenly claimed that those in the Himalayas would disappear by 2035.  Despite this it has often been reported in the mainstream media that the Earth’s glaciers are retreating in response to man-made global warming. A new study shows, as is often the case […]

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  • Scan Of Arctic Ice Dispels Melting Gloom: Researcher

    • Date: 16/06/10

    An electromagnetic “bird” dispatched to the Arctic for the most detailed look yet at the thickness of the ice has turned up a reassuring picture. The meltdown has not been as dire as some would suggest, said geophysicist Christian Haas of the University of Alberta. His international team flew across the top of the planet […]

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